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Royal Society of London, Smith elected, 238;
  admitted, 263

Royal Society of Edinburgh, foundation of, 375;
  Smith’s participation, 376;
  Smith at, with Rogers, 421

Sabbath, the, Smith on, 342

Saint Fond, Professor, his reminiscences of Smith, 372

Saratoga, Smith’s remark on the defeat at, 343

Sarsfield, Count de, Smith’s chief friend in France, 240

Savage, Richard, Smith on, 366

Say, Leon, on Smith and Turgot, 203

School, Burgh, of Kirkcaldy, 5

Scotland, people of, 401

Scott, Hon. Hew Campbell, joins Smith at Toulouse, 182;
  his death, 226

Scott, Sir Walter, Smith’s altercation with Johnson, 156;
  anecdotes of Smith’s absence of mind, 330

Select Society, see Society

Shakespeare, Smith on, 368

Shelburne, Earl of (afterwards Marquis of Lansdowne), his admiration
    of Smith’s Theory, 144;
  his conversion by Smith to free trade, 153;
  Smith’s opinion of his negotiations with Pitt for Bute, 162;
  letter of Smith to, 235;
  Smith’s political distrust of, 379

Sheridan, Thomas, elocution class at Edinburgh, 119

Simson, Professor Robert, influence on Smith, 10;
  Smith’s opinion of, 11;
  his club, 96;
  his Greek and Latin odes, 98

Sinclair, Sir John, his treatise on the Sabbath, 342;
  conversation with Smith on Burgoyne’s surrender, 343;
  letter of Smith to, on Memoires, 343;
  letter of Smith on the Armed Neutrality, 382;
  Windham’s romantic attachment, 394;
  Smith’s opinion of Sinclair, 418

Skene, Captain David, 243

Smellie, William, printer, on Smith’s books, 329

Smith, Adam, W.S., Kirkcaldy, 1

Smith, Adam, Collector of Customs, Alloa, 2

Snell exhibitions at Oxford, 16

Society, British Fisheries, Smith on, 408

Society, Glasgow Literary, 94
  Smith’s paper on Home’s Essays on Commerce, 95

Society, Select, 107;
  Smith’s opening speech, 108;
  its economic discussions, 110;
  its work for improvement of Scots arts and manufactures, 112;
  its dissolution, 118

Stage-doctors, 276

Stanhope, Earl, friendship with Smith at Geneva, 191, 193;
  consults Smith about Chesterfield tutorship, 266

Steuart, Sir James, economist, acts in school theatricals, 5;
  on free trade among Glasgow merchants, 61

Stewart, Professor Dugald, on Smith’s mathematical tastes, 10;
  on Smith’s judgment in art, 74;
  on Smith’s travelling tutorship, 217;
  on Smith’s being styled “Mr.,” 234;
  on Smith’s conversation, 269, 270;
  on alleged revolutionary character of free trade doctrine, 292

Stewart, Professor Matthew, college friend of Smith, 10;
  Smith’s taste for mathematics, 10;
  Smith’s opinion of, 11

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