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John Rae (educator)
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Quacks in medicine, 276, 279

Quaestor of Glasgow College, office held by Smith, 68

Quesnay, Dr. F., Smith not his disciple, 215;
  Smith’s admiration for, 215;
  refusal of farmer-generalship for his son, 218;
  discussions in his room, 219;
  called in by Smith to treat Duke of Buccleugh, 222

Ramsay, Allan, Smith on Gentle Shepherd, 369

Ramsay, Allan, painter, founder of Select Society, 107

Ramsay, John, of Ochtertyre, on Kames’s friendship with Bangour, 41;
  on Smith’s religious views, 60;
  on Smith at whist, 97;
  on Smith’s smartening during his foreign travels, 227;
  on Smith’s depression after his mother’s death, 393

Rector of Glasgow University, Smith’s appointment, 410

Reid, Dr. Thomas, on students of Moral Philosophy class, Glasgow, 58

Religion, Smith’s views suspected in Glasgow, 60;
  his views obliged to be controverted by Bishop Douglas, 393;
  his final testimony, 429

Republicanism, Smith’s, 124

Reston, Lord, see Douglas, David

Reviews, Smith’s opinion of the, 370

Revolution, French, Did Smith foresee? 229

Reynolds, Sir Joshua, on Smith’s conversation, 269

Riccoboni, Madame, friendship with Smith, 210;
  Smith’s opinion of, 210;
  introduces him to Garrick, 211

Richardson, Professor, on Smith’s political lectures, 55

Richelieu, Duc de, visited by Smith, 181;
  Voltaire on, 190

Riding, Academy of, in Glasgow College, 79

Ritchie, James, merchant, Glasgow, on the spread of Smith’s opinions
    among Glasgow merchants, 60

Riviere, Mercier de la, on condition of France, 218

Robison, Professor, on Dr. Black, 336

Rochefoucauld’s Maximes, Smith’s allusion to, in
    Theory, 340, 428

Rochefoucauld, Duc de la, Smith’s friendship with, in Geneva, 191;
  letter to Smith from, 339

Roebuck, Dr., anecdote of Wilkie, the poet, and, 102

Rogers, Professor Thorold, on Smith’s obligations to Turgot, 203;
  on the Indian supervisorship and the Wealth of Nations, 256

Rogers, Samuel, on Smith’s absence of mind, 66, 422;
  on Smith and Robertson, 228;
  conversations with Smith in Edinburgh, 416

Romilly, Sir S., on Smith’s death, 435

Ross, General Alexander, 395

Ross, Colonel Patrick, 361

Ross, Miss, on Smith’s charities, 437

Rouet, Professor, expenses of journey to London, 19;
  with young Tronchin, 59;
  his absenteeism, 89

Rousseau, discourse on inequality reviewed by Smith, 123;
  in Paris with Hume, 196;
  quarrel with Hume, 206;
  Smith’s letter on the quarrel, 208;
  Smith on his “Social Compact,” 372

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