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John Rae (educator)
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Moral Sentiments, Theory of, 141;
  Hume on its reception, 142;
  translated into French, 196;
  author’s last revision, 425;
  suppressed passage on Atonement, 428

Morellet, Abbe, intimacy with Smith, 200;
  opinion of Smith, 201;
  on Madame Necker’s salon, 206;
  on the French translations of Smith’s works, 759;
  his own translation of Wealth of Nations, 359

Mother, death of Smith’s, 393

Mure, Baron, correspondence of Hume and Oswald on Balance of
    Trade, 38;
  in Glasgow Literary Society, 95;
  connection with Douglas cause, 258;
  desires Smith for tutor to Duke of Hamilton, 258

Mure, Miss, of Caldwell, on Hume’s superstition, 313

Music, Smith’s alleged absence of ear for, 214;
  his criticism of, 214

Necker, Smith’s acquaintance with, 206; and opinion of, 206

Neutrality, the Armed, Smith on, 382

New College, Edinburgh, possessor of Smith’s economic books, 439

Nicholson, Professor Shield, on Smith’s books, 327

North, Lord, adopts suggestions for his budget from
    Wealth of Nations, 294, 310;
  rewards the author with Commissionership of Customs, 320

Opera, French, Smith on, 214

Oswald, James, Treasurer of Navy, home friend of Smith, 6;
  influence on Smith, 37;
  correspondence with Hume on Balance of Trade, 38;
  works for removal of duty on American iron, 93

Oxford, Smith’s matriculation, 18;
  expenses of education there then, 19;
  Did Smith graduate? 20;
  state of learning there, 20;
  Smith on, 21;
  his friendlessness at, 27;
  never revisited by him, 29

Oyster Club, Edinburgh, 334; Samuel Rogers at, 418

Panmure House, Smith’s Edinburgh residence, 325

Paris, Smith in, 175, 194

Pastor Fido, Smith’s opinion of, 369

Percy’s Reliques, Smith’s opinion of, 369

Physiocrats, the, 216

Pitt, William, disciple of Smith, 404;
  his remark to Smith at Dundas’s, 405;
  Smith’s remark on, 405;
  consults Smith on public affairs, 406

Plagiarism, Smith’s alleged accusation of Blair, 32;
  his alleged fear of, 64, 269

Playfair, Professor John, on Oyster Club, 335;
  on Dr. Hutton, 337

Playfair, William, on Smith’s conversation, 268;
  on Smith’s declining health, 405

Poker Club, 134

Pope, Alexander, Smith on, 369, 370

Population question, 398

Portraits of Smith, 438

Pownall, Governor, Smith’s letter to, 319

Price, Dr. Richard, on decline of population, 398;
  Smith’s opinion of, 400

Pringle, Sir John, on Wealth of Nations, 288

Pulteney, Sir William, attends Smith’s lectures, 32;
  introduced by Smith to Oswald, 103;
  Smith’s letter to, on Indian supervisorship, 253

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