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John Rae (educator)
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Gipsies, Smith stolen by, 4

Glasgow in Smith’s time, 87;
  its beauty, 88;
  passage between Johnson and Smith about, 88
  Mrs. Montagu, Mrs. Bellamy, Dr. Johnson on, 88;
  its trade, 88;
  its industries, 89;
  its merchants, 90

Glasgow College, Smith a student at, 9;
  its professors then, 10;
  his companions there, 10;
  correspondence of Senate with Balliol College about Snell
    exhibitioners, 26;
  Smith Professor of Logic at, 42;
  Professor of Moral Philosophy, 43;
  Smith’s courses at, 43;
  fees and classes, 49;
  students, 57;
  Rector’s Court, 68;
  divisions in Senate, 69;
  peculiarities of constitution, 69;
  advanced educational policy, 71;
  Smith’s resignation of chair, 172;
  Smith Rector, 410;
  his letter of acceptance, 411;
  installation, 412

Glassford, John, Glasgow, his wealth, 90;
  views on bank notes, 94

Grattan, Henry, motion on free trade for Ireland, 348

Gray’s Odes, Smith on, 369

Gray, J.M., on Tassie’s medallion of Smith, 438

Hailes, Lord, letters of Smith to, 247

Hamilton, Duke of, Smith and tutorship to, 258

Hamilton, William, of Bangour, poems edited by Smith, 38;
  dedication to second edition written by Smith, 40;
  Kames’s friendship with, 41

Hamilton, Professor J., Dr. J. Moore’s verses on, 100

Hamlet, Smith on, 368

Helvetius, his dinners, 200

Hepburn, Miss, 133

Herbert, Henry, introduced by Smith to Hume, 161

Herbert, Nicolas, his remarkable memory, 162

Highlands, depopulation of, 401

Holbach, Baron d’, gets Theory of Moral Sentiments
    translated, 164;
  his dinners, 199

Home, Henry, see Kames

Home, John, poet, Smith’s interest in Douglas, 82, 130;
  journey north with Smith, 295

Home, John, of Ninewells, correspondence with Smith about Hume’s
    legacy, 302;
  and about the Dialogues, 305

Hope, Henry, banker, Amsterdam, Smith’s acknowledgment to, 401

Home, Bishop, the “Letter to Adam Smith”, 312

Horne Tooke, J., visits Smith at Montpellier, 183

Horsley, Bishop, disapproval of Sunday schools, 407

Hostellaries in Scotland, Smith on, 247

Hume, David, presents Smith with his Treatise, 15;
  candidature for Logic chair, Glasgow, 46;
  Essays on Commerce, subject of paper by Smith, 95;
  friendship with Smith, 105;
  descriptions of Select Society, 109;
  exclusion from Edinburgh Review, 125;
  letter to Smith on chair of Law of Mature and Nations, 132;
  letters on Theory of Moral Sentiments, 141;
  Secretary of Legation at Paris, 162;

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