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John Rae (educator)
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Cockburn, Lord, on current belief in danger of political economy, 292;
  on Dr. Black, 336;
  on appreciation of Smith by young Edinburgh, 436

Colbert, the French minister, claim to descent from Scotch Cuthberts, 176

Colbert, Abbe (Bishop of Rodez), 175;
  on Smith, 176

College administrator, Smith as, 66

Colonial incorporation, Smith’s views, 281

Colonies, Roman, 236;
  American, 381;
  when not valuable, in Smith’s opinion, 383

Compiegne, Smith at, 222

Composition, Smith’s habits of, 260

Conversation, Smith’s, 268

Conyers, Lady, at Geneva, 191, 193

Cooper, Sir Grey, helps Smith to Commissionership of Customs, 320, 323

Craufurd, William, friend of Hamilton of Bangour, 40

Critic, Smith as, 34

Cullen, Professor W., letter from Smith to, 44;
  letter from Smith to, 45;
  Smith’s letter to, on medical degrees, 273;
  Smith’s interest in his family, 433

Custom dues in Glasgow meal-market on students’ meal, 67

Customs, salaries of officers, 2;
  Smith made Commissioner, 320;
  his work in Custom House, 330

Daer, Lord, 334

D’Alembert, intimacy with Smith, 202

Dalrymple, Alexander, hydrographer, Smith’s recommendation of, to
    Shelburne, 235

Dalrymple, Sir David, see Hailes

Dalrymple, Sir John, on dedication of Hamilton’s poems, 40;
  Smith’s connection with Foulis’s Academy of Design, 75;
  fortunes of Glasgow merchants, 90

Dalzel, Professor A., on Smith’s knowledge of Greek, 23;
  on Burke, 391;
  on Windham, 394

Dancing, Academy of, in Glasgow College, 79

Death of Smith, 435;
  Romilly on, 435

Design, Academy of, in Glasgow College, 79
  Smith’s interest in this academy, 74

Dictation, Smith’s habit of, in composition, 260

Dillon, Cardinal, 184

Douglas, Home’s tragedy, Smith’s interest in, 82, 130

Douglas, Bishop, friend of Smith at Balliol, 28;
  his Criterion of Miracles, said to be addressed to Smith, 129;
  letter from Smith to, 403

Douglas cause, the, Smith on, 249, 249

Douglas, David (Lord Reston), Smith’s heir, 436

Douglas Heron and Company, bankruptcy of, 254

Douglas of Strathendry, Smith’s mother’s family, 4

Drysdale, Dr. John, schoolfellow of Smith, 7

Dundas, Henry (Lord Melville), letter to Smith on free trade for
    Ireland, 352;
  Smith’s reply, 353;
  dinner to Smith, 405

Dupont de Nemours, reminiscences of Smith in Paris, 215;
  recollection of Smith’s views on taxation of the poor, 220

East India Bill, Smith on, 386

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