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Boufflers-Rouvel, Comtesse de, Smith’s visits to her salon, 198;
  her purpose to translate his Theory, 199

Brienne, Lomenie de, Archbishop of Toulouse, 177;
  his refusal to give Morellet help to publish his translation of
    Wealth of Nations, 359

British Coffee-House, Smith’s headquarters in London, 267

British Fisheries Society, Smith on, 408;
  his prognostication confirmed, 409

Brougham, Lord, on Dr. J. Black, 336

Buccleugh, Duke of, Smith tutor to, 165;
  illness at Compiegne, 222;
  character, 227;
  marriage, 238;
  home-coming to Dalkeith, 243;
  memorial on medical degrees, 272;
  Mickle’s complaint against, 318

Buchan, Earl of, on Smith’s love for his mother, 4;
  pupil of Smith, 51;
  Smith’s remark about, 52;
  learns etching in Glasgow College, 72;
  on Smith’s religious views, 130;
  on Smith’s dislike of publicity, 370;
  Smith’s declining health, 431;
  Smith’s character, 433

Buckle, T.H., on Wealth of Nations, 288

Burgoyne’s surrender at Saratoga, Smith’s remark, 343

Burke, Edmund, reported candidature for Glasgow Logic chair, 46;
  his high opinion of the Theory, 144;
  his review of it, 145;
  Smith’s defence of, 369;
  his visit to Scotland in 1784, 387;
  his remark on Smith, 387;
  Smith’s remark on him, 387;
  in Edinburgh, 388;
  conversation, with Smith at Hatton, 389;
  rectorial installation at Glasgow, 390;
  Did he break down? 390;
  made F.R.S.E., 393;
  again in Edinburgh in 1785, 394;
  dinner at Smith’s, 395;
  visits John Logan, the poet, 396

Burns, Robert, his letter of introduction to Smith, 402

Butler, Bishop, on state of learning at Oxford, 20

Calas case, the, 186; Smith on, 187, 429

Campbell, Dr., of the Political Survey, 366

Carlisle, Earl of, Smith’s letter to, on free trade for Ireland, 350

Carlyle, Dr. A., on spirit of inquiry among Glasgow students, 9;
  on Earl of Buchan, 52;
  takes part in theatricals in Glasgow College, 79;
  on Smith’s obligations to Provost Cochrane, 90;
  on the Glasgow Political Economy Club, 91;
  on “Mr. Robin Simson’s Club,” 99;
  on Smith’s elocution, 108;
  on Smith’s appointment as travelling tutor, 226;
  thought Hume a Theist, 313;
  on Smith’s jealousy, 433

Chambers, Robert, on Smith’s habits of composition, 260

Chicken-broth, 97

Club, Glasgow Political Economy, 92;
  Professor Robert Simson’s, 96;
  the Literary, London, 267;
  Edinburgh Oyster, 334

Cochrane, Provost Andrew, Smith’s obligations to, 90;
  Political Economy Club, 91;
  spirited conduct during Rebellion, 91;
  attempt to break his bank, 92;
  correspondence with Oswald on duty on iron, 93;
  views on bank notes, 94

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