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John Rae (educator)
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Academy of Dancing, Fencing, and Riding in Glasgow College, 79

Academy of Design, Glasgow, 72;
  Smith’s interest in, 74

Adam, Robert, architect, schoolfellow of Smith, 7

Adam, William, M.P., Smith’s remark on Bentham’s
    Defence of Usury, 422

Addington, H. (Lord Sidmouth), writes an ode to Smith, 406

Alison, Rev. Archibald, effects of Smith’s habit of dictating, 261

American Intercourse Bill, Smith’s opinion, 385

American question, Smith’s views, 281

Anderson, Dr. James, paper to R.S.E., 421

Anderson, Professor John, his classes for working men, 72;
  voting for his own appointment to Natural Philosophy chair, 83;
  tutorial engagement abroad, 85

Anderston Club, 97

Armed Neutrality, the, Smith on, 382

Astronomy, Smith’s history of, 262

Auckland, Lord, see Eden, W.

Bagpipe competition, Smith at, 372; Professor Saint Pond’s description of, 373

Balfour, Colonel Nesbit, 395

Balliol College, Oxford, Smith enters, 18;
  state of learning at, 22;
  Smith’s reading at, 24;
  confiscation of Hume’s Treatise, 24;
  treatment of Scotch students, 25;
  complaints of Snell exhibitioners, 26;
  correspondence between heads of Balliol and Glasgow Colleges, 27

Banks, Sir Joseph, Smith’s letter to, 413

Barnard, Dean, verses on Smith and other members of “the club,” 268

Barre, Colonel, with Smith at Bordeaux, 179

Beatson, Robert, Smith’s letter introducing, 402

Beattie’s Minstrel, Smith’s opinion of, 368

Beauclerk, Topham, on Smith’s conversation, 269

Bellamy, Mrs., invited to open Glasgow theatre, 80;
  on beauty of Glasgow, 88

Beneficence, Smith’s, 437

Bentham, Jeremy, on state of learning at Oxford, 21;
  Smith on his Defence of Usury, 422

Berkeley, Mrs. Prebendary, her dinners, 97

Black, Dr. Joseph, professorial losses by light guineas, 49;
  Smith’s opinion of, 336;
  Robison’s account of, 336;
  appointed Smith’s literary executor, 434

Blair, Dr. Hugh, his indebtedness to Smith’s lectures on rhetoric, 32;
  his preaching, 420;
  Smith on, 421

Blank verse, Smith on, 35

Bogle, Robert, of Daldowie, 418

Bogle, Robert, of Shettleston, promoter of Glasgow theatre, 79

Bonar, James, on Smith’s manifesto of 1755, 65;
  Smith’s library, 327

Bonnet, Charles, of Geneva, friendship with Smith, 191

Bordeaux, Smith at, 179;
  condition of people, 180

Boswell, James, Smith’s teaching on blank verse, 35;
  pupil of Smith, 58
  Johnson’s remark about Glasgow, 88;
  Smith’s altercation with Johnson, 155;
  on Smith’s admission to “the club,” 268

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