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They were soon off and we can only follow them in thought for a time.  Let those thoughts be kind, for, knowing thoughts are potent, send them out lovingly toward the awakening mind of Princess Nu-nah.



Several years have elapsed since we bade our Prince and Princess farewell.  Only at long intervals had they communicated with their friends.  The outer world had almost forgotten them, but not so with the Hierophant and the Priestess of the Temple.  Daily, had their prayers gone in behalf of their souls’ welfare.  Although not in communication with them in body they were in spirit, and from this source they knew all was well.  The High Priest, in his astral visits, could see the growing power of the soul over the slowly-evolving brain of the Princess, and with the electric soul-force, the great nourisher and renewer of life, though unconscious to him, the rounding out was fast nearing completion of the soul’s mastery over the brain and body of Nu-nah.

They had settled in distant lands, near a little country village that lay just at the foot of the mountains.  It was made up of the simple peasantry, where life was free from cant, suspicions, criticism and morbid curiosity.  Here they could live and follow the bent of their minds, undisturbed and unobserved if they so wished.  They kept their identity unknown yet the villagers knew from the Princess’ delicate beauty of form and features she belonged to some noble family and station in life, but her kind, thoughtful bearing towards them won their love and esteem at once, and equally did they esteem the Prince for he was ever lavish with his money and attention to those who appealed to him for assistance.  The mountains soon became their favorite resort.  Long walks were taken daily, and rests made in the quiet nooks on the mountain side.  One place particularly, became a very dear retreat to them, for never did they stop there but that some inspirations were born.  It was here that Nu-nah took her first lesson from Rathunor; it was in this sacred spot that Rathunor gently but cautiously revealed to her the Initiatory Rites of the Temple that had been performed over her unconscious body.  This excited an intense curiosity, if not deep interest, in Nu-nah’s mind.  She began to question and think and, as she thought, there came a vague, glimmering memory of the past, and when Rathunor would inquire the cause of her almost unconscious moods, she would raise her hand to silence his voice, and whisper, “I am dreaming—­O, something so grand, so solemn, so sacred haunts my mind; just wait and it will all come by and by,” then her dark eyes seemed to grow larger and larger and to burn with a concentrated fire.

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