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Realizing that only he could arouse the dormant organs of her spiritual brain, he became more anxious than ever to have her constantly in his company.  He again pressed his suit and the day for the wedding-nuptials was to be at once submitted to the Astrologer.

Rathunor again sought the Astrologer Priest for advice.  He wished to know when the stars would point most favorably toward such a momentous event.  This, the Astrologer was not long in finding out and soon conveyed the news to Rathunor that at an early date such might be consummated.  As the Prince arose to go the Priest took his hand and said, “My child, in taking the Princess Nu-nah as your wife, you obey the holy intuitions of the soul and not only will you be united in soul but in body and mind.  I wish you the eternal bliss that attends all who are truly mated.  Farewell, my child; my blessings go with you.”

Rathunor was too much absorbed in other things to understand the mysterious words of the Priest, but notwithstanding this the seed had been again sown that would sometime spring up unannounced and unexpected.

The announcement of the wedding was soon made and invitations sent out, far and near.  Congratulations poured in from every source, although some would have refused, had they been true to their own sentiments, for the remarkable and unaccountable change which had taken place during her terrible malady was too evident to be altogether right and should be righted before the Prince should make the Princess his wife.

Rathunor was satisfied, never forgetting the Hierophant’s sacred words, and none other need be consulted.  In their silent hearts they wished the wedding might be private and the holy ceremony of the Temple be performed by the High Priest.  This, of course, could not be owing to the station and position they occupied in life, for the lives of a Princess and Prince are not wholly their own, so to the public they must bow and pay obeisance.

Preparations for the wedding commenced at once, for it was to be a grand affair.  Nothing was to be spared that would add beauty and grandeur to the occasion.  Extravagant expenditures were indulged in, until money seemed at a loss to supply more.  The trousseau was exquisitely magnificent and, on the wedding night, the beaming radiance of the countenance of the Princess was neither dimmed by the rich silks, nor the rare, priceless laces and lovely jewels that glittered and sparkled with the living spark of life within them, that adorned her form.

Never a bride so fair; never a couple so happy.  It was that quiet, subtle happiness, which permeates the very atmosphere about them and leaves its traces in every susceptible heart that breathes it.


The retirement.

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