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“My child,” said the High Priest, “once more I assure you of the loving response of Nu-nah’s soul and mind, as soon as she is herself again.  But, mark you well, at the return of consciousness, be not rash in any of your words or acts; remember, her return to life is as a new-born babe—­weak, tender and easily impressed by stronger minds and wills than its own.  You are the stronger at present, and all patience and indulgence are exacted from you.  Let her imaginations and fancies play as they will for awhile; yours must be calm, loving, sympathetic and unwavering in hope and faith that all will eventually be well; and again, I assure you that not many years shall pass before you will enter the path and the life your soul is now longing for.  Princess Nu-nah will more than compensate you for all the kind attentions you now bestow upon her in the guiding, teaching and leading your soul in the paths to spiritual knowledge and the spiritual life, while still inhabiting the physical form.

“The hungerings of your soul shall be more than satisfied by her ministering spirit.  The interior consciousness will gradually dawn upon you both, but to Nu-nah first.”  Then, taking Rathunor by the hand, he continued, “Doubt no more, my child, have faith in the Infinite Wisdom that guides and directs the struggling soul through the intricate ways of evolution up to the final consciousness of Immortal Life.  God be with and bless you.”

Rathunor had no words to express his gratitude.  But they would have been useless to the Hierophant, for the new-born light that shone forth, though dimly, was more to the Priest than a world of words.

He merely looked, bowed, and with a fervent pressure of the hand, was gone from the presence of the Holy Priest.  As he retraced his steps toward the home of Princess Nu-nah, a holy calm pervaded his whole being; his doubts fled as an enemy; his excitement was transformed into tranquil earnestness; a sublime sense of the realities of life filled his brain, and a willingness to await the progress and development, that time would bring forth and mature, possessed him, until he was so changed that he scarcely recognized himself.

Was this change volitional?


The initiation.

Days of weary watching, and toilsome care that the new-born Vestal would not be misled in her awakening thoughts, were necessary.  The body needed but little care other than the proper nourishment and attention of any one in usual health.  Sarthia’s physical organism had not become depleted by disease and suffering, and the disorganization that had commenced was checked by the magical agent that had been placed over it, even before Sarthia had entirely left it.

The lethargy was more mental than physical.  It was that semi-consciousness that precedes sleep, or that one sometimes experiences when awakened suddenly out of a deep, profound slumber.

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