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Here, Rathunor would have been overcome by his emotions of joyful bliss and thrown himself prostrate at the feet of the Priest in thankful gratitude for the restoration to life of his lovely Nu-nah, had not the Hierophant just at this moment laid his hand upon Rathunor’s shoulder saying, “My child, have you become unconscious of the place and the occasion, and the solemn promise you gave me to bravely follow my instructions without a show of weakness.  Let not an outward manifestation of your feelings escape you again.  Are you yourself again?”

With a mighty effort of his will Rathunor commanded an outward calm at least, but he could not speak, he could only bow his head in assurance and being told to retain the hand of Nu-nah, the Priest continued audibly, “In the name of the Almighty and ever-living God I now join these two souls as one.  May their consciousness of this, their soul-union, dawn upon their outward memory as time proceeds, and then journey together in conscious union on the eternal path of progress to the Divine Throne of God.  Amen!  Amen!”

Rathunor heard but did not understand and being overcome by the silent over-powering influence surrounding him, fell insensible to the floor beside the reviving form of Nu-nah.

As soon as he had been conveyed to an outer court, the Hierophant again continued.  Turning his attention to Sarthia, mentally he called three times, “Nu-nah, Nu-nah, Nu-nah, henceforth you shall be known as Sarthia the Vestal.  May the guardian angels that have been placed over your reviving body, keep and hold the soul with it until health of body and strength of mind returns.  God bless our new-found Vestal.  Amen.”

As the last echo of the Priest’s voice died away the music burst in a joyful song of praise, and continued until the bodies of each of the young girls were removed.  Sarthia’s to that formerly occupied by the Vestal, and Nu-nah’s to that of the home of the Princess.

Rathunor soon revived in the fresh air of the outer court and now being summoned by a messenger from the Hierophant presented himself again before him.

“My son,” said the High Priest, “go to the home of the Princess and remain, either with, or near her until three cycles of seven shall pass by.  At the end of twenty-one days you may return to your own home and enter the accustomed life of a Prince, until that time shall come when the Prince of the world shall enter the path that leads to a King of Wisdom,” and with a fervent press of the hand and a benediction for his soul’s welfare he bid him good-night and retired from the Holy Sanctuary.


A visit to the chief astrologer.

A few weeks after the preceding ceremonies, a messenger announced to the Astrologer Priest that the Priestess sought an interview.

Hermo was at his post making the usual, daily calculations for the Priest.  As the Priestess entered, Hermo arose, and was about to withdraw, when the Priestess, by a wave of her hand, gave him to understand his presence was required.

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