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The awakening.

The constant presence of some of the Priests of the Temple had been near the bodies of Nu-nah and Sarthia continuously for the last twenty-four hours, and by their magic assistance the vibrations of the souls to their new tenements grew stronger and quite harmonious.

The hour of midnight was again near at hand.  The reviving forms of the two young girls were again brought into the Holy Sanctuary of the Temple and placed in front of the Altar and the Hierophant who had already taken his position.

The Priestesses of the Temple with their Vestals were quietly and solemnly wending their way to their usual places.  The choir had begun to chant the opening service when Rathunor with one of the Priests approached with slow and measured strides as if a false movement would disturb the solemnity of this midnight’s mystic silence.

As they approached the spot where the two bodies lay, there was a perceptible movement, as of consciousness in the silent form of Nu-nah.

Just as the distant chimes pealed forth their announcement of the midnight hour the Hierophant arose and stepped forth to the front of the Altar and, at a silent signal, there broke forth, as of one voice, the low-distant strains of the most enchanting music.  The voices and the tones from the musical instruments were so harmoniously and wonderfully blended that the result was magically effective.  The strains increased in volume—­they seemed to approach nearer and nearer—­until the whole edifice resounded and re-echoed as though filled with one vast orchestra sounding forth the Anthem of Creative Life, “We Praise Thee, O God.”

This enchanting music continued for some time, then gently died away until only the breathings of music could be heard, when the Hierophant raised his hands as if in supplication.  The solemn, awful stillness of the hour was awe-inspiring.

Once, twice, thrice, the voice of the Hierophant resounded throughout the Sanctuary as he thus spoke to their souls: 

“Arise, O ye daughter of Isis, come forth and again enter the daily lives of a Vestal and a Princess.  Many years now are granted to your service, and now that you have both been beyond the dividing line of this and the other plane, your lives henceforth should be guided and influenced by that experience.”

At this he descended from the Altar and took the helpless hand of Sarthia to magically convey to the silent, lifeless body the electric forces of life.

Turning to Rathunor, who stood near, beckoning him to his side, he took his hand and led him to that which was Nu-nah’s body, and gently raising the apparently lifeless hand of the silent form placed it within that of Rathunor’s.  The effect was indeed magical.

Rathunor was held spell-bound, the thrilling sensations, the emotions that sprang forth from the heart were electrifying.  He could feel the tense vibrations passing from his hand to that of her body, the source of which he could not fathom nor understand, and little did he care at that moment when he perceived the slight tremor that was creeping over the heretofore lifeless form of his Princess Nu-nah.

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