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The transfer.

According to the calculations made by the chief Astrologer Priest it was just at midnight that the conjunction of the luminaries took place in the Zodiacal sign belonging to the Moon.  This union of the luminous orbs of the day and night is powerfully magical in its results.

The vibrations, set in motion by this mighty union of the positive and negative forces of Nature, react, not only upon the waters and the Earth, but the human family.  Not only does the mighty ocean obey this wonderful influence in the ebb and flow of its tides, but the Earth, as she rotates upon her axis, obeys this mighty power and manifests in her depths and heights in her serpentine movement about the Sun.

Nature’s laws are very exact and man, to become the Arbiter of his own destiny, must blend his energies in harmony with those of Nature.

Agreeable to appointment and the arrangements to be made it was necessary for the Hierophant and the Holy men of the Temple to assemble at an early hour, although the Transfer was not to take place until midnight.

Much preparation was necessary as a most momentous ceremony was to be performed this night; one that rarely ever was performed, owing to the fact that few of the Temple Priests were initiated into these sacred Magical Rites.  They were too Sacred and Holy to be imparted to many, too dangerous for possible failures, too infinite in responsibilities accompanying such undertakings.  Only those where the mind, soul and spirit, blended as one in their organism, were ever entrusted with the interior knowledge of the Sacred Adytum—­The Holy of Holies.

Only the invocations were to be made, the chants and ceremonies belonging to the Holy Sanctuary were to be observed.  The air was ladened with the sweet fragrance of incense and those subtle perfumes that are so delightful and enticing to the soul.  Hours before the solemn Rites were to be performed, every part of the Holy Temple must be permeated with their magical and mystical influence.

The bodies of both Sarthia and Nu-nah lay in state before the Altar in the Holy Sanctuary, both robed and perfumed as if for burial.

The Hierophant of the Temple, the Priests and the Lay Priests, and the Priestesses with their Vestal Virgins, were now assembled in their respective places.

The hour of midnight had arrived.  The chants now begun, set in vibration the spiritual forces that appeal only to the soul and spirit.

The subtle, silent will of the High Priest mentally commanded the presence of the departed spirit of Sarthia.  At his bidding, she came floating toward him, and when within a certain distance from her inanimate body, she remained hovering over it.  Most willingly and joyfully she came, knowing the promise of the High Priest would be realized when she became able to animate and control the body and mind of what was still Nu-nah’s.

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