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Talon, intendant, appointed to investigate the administration
  of de Mezy, 51;
  his immigration plans opposed by Colbert, 80;
  writes to Colbert in praise of the Abbe de Queylus, 107;
  brings out five Recollet priests, 109;
  obtains from the Sovereign Council a decree permitting the unrestricted
  sale of liquor, 113;
  develops the resources of the country, 114, 115;
  returns to France for two years, 116;
  praises Abbe de Queylus’ work, 134, 135;
  retires from office, 143

Taschereau, Cardinal, 40, 86

Tesserie, M. de la, member of the Sovereign Council, 158

Tilly, Le Gardeur de, member of the Sovereign Council, 158, 166, 167

Tithes, the levying of, on the colonists, 10, 50, 51, 54;
  payable only to the permanent priests, 55;
  the edict of 1679, 181;
  Laval and Saint-Vallier disagree upon the question of, 208, 209

Tonti, Chevalier de, accompanies La Salle as far as Fort Crevecoeur, 148;
  attacked by the Iroquois and flees to Michilimackinac, 149;
  again joins La Salle and descends the Mississippi with him, 150;
  appointed La Salle’s representative, 151

Tracy, Marquis de, viceroy, appointed to investigate the administration
  of de Mezy, 51;
  builds three forts on the Richelieu River, 53;
  destroys the hamlets of the Mohawks and concludes a treaty of peace
  with the Iroquois which lasts eighteen years, 53, 54, 82;
  reduces the tithe to a twenty-sixth, 54;
  returns to France, 81;
  his fine qualities, 81, 82;
  presents a valuable picture to the church at Sainte Anne, 102

Treaty of Ryswick, 234

Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye, 3, 110

Treaty of Utrecht, 235

Trouve, Claude, goes to the north shore of Lake Ontario to establish
  a mission, 105, 108

Troyes, Chevalier de, leads an expedition to capture Hudson Bay, 204

Turgis, Father, 62


Ursuline Convent (Quebec), established by Madame de la Peltrie, 112, 155;
  consumed by fire, 210

Ursuline Sisters, 33, 125, 154, 231


Valrennes, M. de, commands Fort Frontenac, 223, 232

Vaudreuil, Chevalier de, 214;
  in command at Montreal, 223;
  opposing the Iroquois at massacre of Lachine, 226, 227;
  succeeds Callieres as governor of Montreal, 235

Verreau, Abbe, pays a tribute to Mother Mary of the Incarnation, 127

Viel, Father, Recollet missionary, 3

Vignal, Father, ministers to the plague-stricken on board
  the St. Andre, 31, 32;
  referred to, 8, 91, 92

Ville-Marie (Montreal), the school at, founded by Marguerite Bourgeoys, 9;
  the Abbe de Queylus returns to, 28;
  takes precautions against the Iroquois, 68;
  the school of martyrdom, 90, 91;
  fortified by Denonville, 213, 214;
  governed by Vaudreuil in Callieres’ absence, 223;
  besieged by Winthrop, 229;
  references, 82, 83, 85, 122, 124, 135, 162, 178, 217

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