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Seigniorial tenure, 119, 120

Seminary, the, at Quebec, founded by Laval (1663), 10;
  the priests of, assist in defending Quebec against Phipps, 11, 12;
  Laval’s ordinance relating to, 47, 48;
  its establishment receives the royal approval, 50;
  obtains permission to collect tithes from the colonists, 50;
  its first superior and directors, 55;
  affiliated with the Seminary of Foreign Missions at Paris, 57, 58;
  a smaller seminary built (1668), 58, 59, 97-9;
  the whole destroyed by fire (1701), 58, 240, 241;
  its union with the Seminary of Foreign Missions renewed, 140;
  receives a legacy from Saint-Vallier, 202;
  sends missionaries to Louisiana, 208;
  in financial difficulties, 211

Seminary of Foreign Missions at Paris, affiliated with the Quebec
  Seminary, 57, 58;
  contributes to the support of the mission at Ville-Marie, 136;
  its union with the Quebec Seminary renewed, 140;
  a union with the Seminary of St. Sulpice formed, 221

Seminary of Montreal, see Ville-Marie Convent

Seminary of St. Sulpice, the, founded by M. Olier, 5, 6, 25;
  enlarged, 90;
  its ancient clock, 90;
  takes up the financial obligations of the Company of Montreal, 135;
  joined to the parish of Notre-Dame de Montreal, 175, 176, 183;
  visited by Laval, 189;
  affiliated with the Seminary of Foreign Missions, 221

Seine, the, captured by the English with Saint-Vallier on board, 242, 243

Souart, M., 91, 92, 124

Sovereign Council, the, fixes the tithe at a twenty-sixth, 10;
  forbids the liquor trade with the savages, 36;
  registers the royal approval of the establishment of the
    Quebec Seminary, 50;
  recommends that emigrants be sent only from the north of France, 78;
  passes a decree permitting the unrestricted sale of liquor, 113;
  finds it necessary to restrict the liquor trade, 115, 116;
  its members, 158;
  judges Perrot, 160;
  its re-construction, 165-7;
  a division in its ranks, 167;
  passes a decree affecting the policy of the Quebec Seminary, 236

Sulpicians, their entry into New France, 1;
  become the lords of the Island of Montreal, 8, 108;
  their devotion to the Virgin Mary, 85;
  at Ville-Marie, 92;
  more priests arrive, 105, 106;
  their religious zeal, 109;
  provide instruction for the colonists, 124;
  granted the livings of the Island of Montreal, 175, 176;
  request the king’s confirmation of the union of their seminary with
  the parishes on the Island of Montreal, 183, 184


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