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Ribourde, Father de la, 149;
  killed by the Iroquois, 149, 150

Richelieu, Cardinal, founds the Company of the Cent-Associes, 4;
  orders Henri de Montmorency to be beheaded, 18;
  referred to, 117

Rupert, Fort (Hudson Bay), captured by the French, 204


Sagard, Father, Recollet missionary, 3

Sainte Anne, the Brotherhood of, 101

Sainte Anne, the first sanctuary of, built by Laval, 101;
  gives place to a stone church erected through the efforts
    of M. Filion, 102;
  a third temple built upon its site, 102;
  the present cathedral built (1878), 102;
  the pilgrimages to, 102, 103

Sainte-Helene, Andree Duplessis de, 92

Sainte-Helene, Le Moyne de, 16;
  takes part in an expedition to capture Hudson Bay, 204;
  his death at the siege of Quebec, 231

Saint-Vallier, Abbe Jean Baptiste de la Croix de, king’s almoner, 199;
  appointed provisionally grand vicar of Laval, 201;
  leaves a legacy to the seminary of Quebec, 202;
  embarks for Canada, 202;
  makes a tour of his diocese, 203, 204;
  his extravagance, 206;
  pays a tribute to Laval, 209;
  leaves for France, 210;
  obtains a grant for a Bishop’s Palace, 211;
  his official appointment and consecration as Bishop of Quebec, 202, 219;
  returns to Canada, 221;
  opens a hospital in Notre-Dame des Anges, 236;
  in France from 1700 to 1705, when returning to Canada is captured by
  an English vessel and kept in captivity till 1710, 242, 243;
  the object of his visit to France, 243

St. Andre, the, 27;
  the plague breaks out on board, 31, 32

Ste. Anne, Fort (Hudson Bay), captured by the French, 204

St. Bernardino of Siena, quoted, 35, 36

St. Francois-Xavier, adopted as the second special protector of
  the colony, 87

St. Ignace de Michilimackinac, La Salle’s burying-place, 147

St. Joachim, the seminary of Quebec has a country house at, 12;
  the boarding-school at, established by Laval, 100, 124, 245;
  receives a remembrance from Laval, 199

St. Joseph, the first patron saint of Canada, 87

St. Malo, the Bishop of, 6, 7

St. Sulpice de Montreal, see Seminary of St. Sulpice

St. Sulpice, the priests of, see Sulpicians

Salignac-Fenelon, Abbe Francois de, goes to the north shore of Lake
  Ontario to establish a mission, 105, 108;
  teaches the Iroquois, 125;
  his sermon preached against Frontenac, 160, 161;
  his quarrel with Frontenac, 160-5;
  forbidden to return to Canada, 164

Sault St. Louis (Caughnawaga), the mission of, 9, 74, 147, 189

Sault Ste. Marie, the mission of, 11;
  addressed by Father Allouez, 104

Seignelay, Marquis de, Colbert’s son, sends four shiploads of colonists
  to people Louisiana, 151, 152;
  postpones Laval’s return to Canada, 211

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