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Onondagas, the, 67

Ottawa Indians, threaten to re-open their feud with the Iroquois, 83, 215


Pallu, M., 23

Parkman, Francis, quoted, 34, 35

Pericard, Mgr. de, Bishop of Evreux, 21;
  his death, 22

Pericard, Michelle de, mother of Bishop Laval, 17;
  her death, 26

Peltrie, Madame de la, 92;
  establishes the Ursuline Convent in Quebec, 125;
  a description of, by Abbe Casgrain, 153, 154;
  her death, 154

Permanence of livings, a much discussed question, 169, 181, 184, 236

Perrot, Francois Marie, governor of Montreal, 89;
  his anger at Bizard, 160;
  arrested by Frontenac, 160, 164

Perrot, Nicholas, explorer, 82

Peyras, M. de, member of the Sovereign Council, 166

Phipps, Sir William, attacks Quebec, 11, 229-31

Picquet, M., 23

Plessis, Mgr., Bishop of Quebec, 13

Pommier, Hugues, comes to Canada, 41;
  director of the Quebec seminary, 55

Pontbriant, Mgr. de, Bishop of Quebec, 12

Pourroy de l’Aube-Riviere, Mgr., Bishop of Quebec, 12

Prairie de la Madeleine, 74, 232

Propaganda, the, 130, 131

Prudhomme, Fort, erected by La Salle, 150


Quebec, attacked by Phipps, 11, 229-31;
  the bishops of, 12;
  attacked by the Iroquois, 67-72;
  arrival of colonists (1665), 78, 79;
  the cathedral of, 84, 85;
  its religious fervour, 92;
  the Lower Town consumed by fire, 186;
  overwhelmed by disease and fire, 239

Quebec Act, the, 13

Queylus, Abbe de, Grand Vicar of Rouen for Canada, 7;
  comes to take possession of the Island of Montreal for the Sulpicians,
  and to establish a seminary, 8;
  disputes Laval’s authority, 27;
  goes to France, 27;
  returns with bulls placing him in possession of the parish
    of Montreal, 28;
  suspended from office by Bishop Laval and recalled to France, 28;
  returns to the colony and is appointed grand vicar at Montreal, 28;
  his religious zeal, 92;
  his generosity, 107;
  returns to France, 134;
  his work praised by Talon, 134


Rafeix, Father, comes to Canada, 41

Recollets, the, their entry into New France, 1;
  refused permission to return to Canada after the Treaty of St.
  Germain-en-Laye, 3, 110;
  propose St. Joseph as the patron saint of Canada, 87;
  their popularity, 111, 112;
  build a monastery in Quebec, 112;
  espouse Frontenac’s cause in his disputes with Duchesneau, 112;
  provide instruction for the colonists, 124;
  their establishment in Quebec, 208

Regale, the question of the right of, 184, 201

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