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Membre, Father, descends the Mississippi with La Salle, 149, 150, 151

Mesnu, Peuvret de, secretary of the Sovereign Council, 158, 166

Metiomegue, Algonquin chief, joins Dollard, 69

Meulles, M. de, replaces Duchesneau as commissioner, 168, 185;
  replaced by Champigny, 204

Mezy, Governor de, 10;
  succeeds d’Avaugour, 41;
  disagrees with the bishop, 51;
  his death, 51, 52

Michilimackinac, 146, 149, 216

Millet, Father, pays a tribute to Garakontie, 73, 215

Mississippi River, explored by Marquette and Joliet as far as the
  Arkansas River, 11, 59, 82, 146;
  La Salle descends to its mouth, 150, 151

Monsipi, Fort (Hudson Bay), captured by the French, 204

Montigny, Abbe de, one of Laval’s early titles, 7, 19

Montigny-sur-Avre, Laval’s birthplace, 17

Montmagny, M. de, governor of New France, 8

Montmorency, Henri de, near kinsman of Laval, 18;
  beheaded by the order of Richelieu, 18

Montreal, the Island of, 8, 86;
  made over to the Sulpicians, 108, 175;
  the parishes of, united with the Seminary of St. Sulpice, 175, 176, 183

Montreal, the mission of La Montagne at, 9, 74;
  its first Roman Catholic church, 87-90;
  its religious zeal, 90-2;
  see also Ville-Marie

Morel, Thomas, director of the Quebec seminary, 55, 101;
  his arrest, 163;
  set at liberty, 164;
  his death, 219

Morin, M., quoted, 89, 90

Mornay, Mgr. de, Bishop of Quebec, 12

Mother Mary of the Incarnation, on Laval’s devotion to the sick, 33;
  on his private life, 34, 254;
  on the results of the great earthquake, 45, 46;
  on the work of the Sisters, 79, 80;
  her religious zeal and fine qualities, 92, 93;
  Abbe Ferland’s appreciation of, 93-5;
  speaks of the work of Abbe Fenelon and Father Trouve, 109;
  on the liquor traffic, 113;
  sums up Talon’s merits, 114;
  speaks of the colonists’ children, 119;
  on civilizing the Indians, 125, 126;
  an appreciation of, by Abbe Verreau, 127;
  her death, 154;
  her noble character, 155

Mouchy, M. de, member of the Sovereign Council, 158


Nelson, Fort (Hudson Bay), held by the English against de Troyes’
  expedition, 204;
  captured by Iberville, 233

Newfoundland, English settlements attacked by Iberville, 232

Notre-Dame Church (Montreal), 87-90, 176

Notre-Dame de Bonsecours, chapel (Montreal), 176-9

Notre-Dame de Montreal, the parish of, 175, 176

Notre-Dame des Victoires, church of, 185

Noue, Father de, his death, 5


Oblate Fathers, their entry into New France, 1

Olier, M., founder of the Seminary of St. Sulpice, 5, 6, 25;
  places the Island of Montreal under the protection of the
    Holy Virgin, 8, 85;
  his death, 135;
  succeeded by Bretonvilliers, 162

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