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  reproves Saint-Vallier’s extravagance, 206;
  an appreciation of, by Saint-Vallier, 209;
  a letter from Father La Chaise to, 238, 239;
  officiates during Saint-Vallier’s absence, 244;
  his last illness, 249-53, 261, 262;
  his death, 263;
  and burial, 264-6

Laval University, 15, 99, 124

Leber, Mlle. Jeanne, 91, 92

Le Caron, Father, Recollet missionary, 3

Lejeune, Father, 25

Lemaitre, Father, put to death by the Iroquois, 8;
  ministers to the plague-stricken on board the St. Andre, 31, 32

Le Soleil d’Afrique, 219

Lestrees, the abbey of, 136, 138, 185

Liquor traffic, the, forbidden by the Sovereign Council, 36;
  opposed by Laval, 36-9;
  the Sovereign Council gives unrestricted sway to, 113;
  again restricted by the council, 115, 116;
  a much discussed question, 169-75

Lorette, the village of, 74

Lotbiniere, Louis Rene de, member of the Sovereign Council, 166

Louis XIV of France, recalls d’Avaugour, and sends more troops
    to Canada, 39;
  writes to Laval, 52, 53;
  petitions the Pope for the erection of an episcopal see
    in Quebec, 131, 132;
  demands that the new diocese shall be dependent upon the metropolitan
  of Rouen, 132, 133;
  granted the right of nomination to the bishopric of Quebec, 136;
  his decree of 1673, 159, 160;
  reproves Frontenac for his absolutism, 164, 165;
  orders Frontenac to investigate the evils of the liquor
    traffic, 171, 172;
  forbids intoxicating liquors being carried to the savages in their
  dwellings or in the woods, 174;
  contributes to the maintenance of the priests in Canada, 182, 183;
  his efforts to keep the Canadian officials in harmony, 186, 187;
  sends reinforcements, 192;
  grants Laval an annuity for life, 201;
  at war again, 235


Maisonneuve, M. de, governor of Montreal, 8, 16, 92, 176

Maizerets, M. Ange de, comes to Canada, 41;
  director of the Quebec seminary, 55, 56;
  accompanies Laval on a tour of his diocese, 189;
  archdeacon of the chapter established by Laval, 197;
  in charge of the diocese during Saint-Vallier’s absence, 243

Mance, Mlle., establishes the Hotel-Dieu Hospital in Montreal, 8;
  on board the plague-stricken St. Andre, 31;
  at the laying of the first stone of the church of Notre-Dame, 89;
  her death, 89;
  her religious zeal, 91, 92

Maricourt, Le Moyne de, 16;
  takes part in an expedition to capture Hudson Bay, 204

Marquette, Father, with Joliet explores the upper part of the
  Mississippi, 11, 59, 82, 146, 153;
  his death, 146, 147

Maubec, the abbey of, 131;
  incorporated with the diocese of Quebec, 136;
  a description of, 137

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