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Cathedral of Quebec, the, 84, 85

Champigny, M. de, commissioner, replaces Meulles, 204, 215

Champlain, Samuel de, governor of New France and founder
  of Quebec, 4, 8, 12

Charlevoix, Pierre Francois Xavier de, on colonization, 117, 118;
  his portrait of Frontenac, 144, 145

Charron Brothers, the, make an unsuccessful attempt to establish a
  charitable house in Montreal, 125, 245-8

Chateau St. Louis, 112, 160, 163

Chaumonot, Father, 65;
  the head of the Brotherhood of the Holy Family, 86, 87

Chevestre, Francoise de, wife of Jean-Louis de Laval, 139

Clement X, Pope, 133;
  signs the bulls establishing the diocese of Quebec, 136

Closse, Major, 8, 92

Colbert, Louis XIV’s prime minister, 52;
  a letter from Villeray to, 77, 78;
  opposes Talon’s immigration plans, 80;
  receives a letter from Talon, 107;
  Talon’s proposals to, 115;
  a dispatch from Frontenac to, 161;
  reproves Frontenac’s overbearing conduct, 165;
  asks for proof of the evils of the liquor traffic, 170, 171

College de Clermont, 21, 22

College of Montreal, the, 124, 125

Colombiere, M. de la, quoted, 23, 256, 257

Company of Montreal, the, 25;
  its financial obligations taken up by the Seminary of St. Sulpice, 135

Company of Notre-Dame of Montreal, 85, 108, 127, 189

Company of the Cent-Associes, founded by Richelieu, 4;
  incapable of colonizing New France, abandons it to the royal
  government, 40, 41;
  assists the missionaries, 50;
  a portion of its obligations undertaken by the West India Company, 145

Consistorial Congregation of Rome, the, 132

Couillard, Madame, the house of, 58

Courcelles, M. de, appointed governor in de Mezy’s place, 51;
  acts as godfather to Garakontie, Indian chief, 65;
  an instance of his firmness, 82, 83;
  meets the Indian chiefs at Cataraqui, and gains their approval of
  building a fort there, 84;
  succeeded by Frontenac, 84;
  lays the corner-stone of the Notre-Dame Church in Montreal, 88;
  returns to France, 143

Coureurs de bois, the, 158, 159

Crevecoeur, Fort, 148, 149


Dablon, Father, 11, 62, 65;
  describes Laval’s visit to the Prairie de la Madeleine, 74, 75;
  quoted, 103, 140

Damours, M., member of the Sovereign Council, 158, 166;
  imprisoned by Frontenac, 167

Daniel, Father, his death, 5

Denonville, Marquis de, succeeds de la Barre, 193, 202, 204;
  urges Laval’s return to Canada, 213;
  his expedition against the Iroquois, 214-16;
  seizes Indian chiefs to serve on the king’s galleys, 214, 215;
  builds a fort at Niagara, 216;
  recalled, 218

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