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Auteuil, Denis Joseph Ruette d’, solicitor-general of the Sovereign
  Council, 167

Avaugour, Governor d’, withdraws his opposition to the liquor trade and
  is recalled, 38-40;
  his last report, 40;
  references, 10, 28


Bagot, Father, head of the college of La Fleche, 20

Bailly, Francois, directs the building of the Notre-Dame Church, 88

Bancroft, George, historian, quoted, 4, 5, 152, 153

Beaudoncourt, Jacques de, quoted, 39;
  describes the escape of the Gannentaha mission from the massacre of
  1658, 66, 67

Beaumont, Hardouin de Perefixe de, Archbishop of Paris, 134

Belmont, M. de, his charitable works, 135, 136;
  preaches Laval’s funeral oration, 265

Bernieres, Henri de, first superior of the Quebec seminary, 55, 56;
  entrusted with Laval’s duties during his absence, 134, 143, 162;
  appointed dean of the chapter established by Laval, 197;
  his death, 239

Bernieres, Jean de, his religious retreat at Caen, 24, 25;
  referred to, 33, 34

Berthelot, M., rents the abbey of Lestrees from Laval, 138;
  exchanges Ile Jesus for the Island of Orleans, 138

Bishop of Petraea, see Laval-Montmorency

Bouchard, founder of the house of Montmorency, 16

Boucher, governor of Three Rivers, 29

Boudon, Abbe Henri-Marie, archdeacon of the Cathedral of Evreux, 23

Bourdon, solicitor-general, 79

Bourgard, Mgr., quoted, 61

Bourgeoys, Sister Marguerite, founds a school in Montreal which grows
  into the Ville-Marie Convent, 9, 126;
  on board the plague-stricken St. Andre, 31, 32;
  as a teacher, 91, 92, 156;
  through her efforts the church of Notre-Dame de Bonsecours is
  erected, 177, 178

Bouteroue, M. de, commissioner during Talon’s absence, 116

Brebeuf, Father, his persecution and death, 5, 16, 62

Bretonvilliers, M. de, superior of St. Sulpice, 88, 89, 135, 162

Briand, Mgr., Bishop of Quebec, 12

Bizard, Lieutenant, dispatched by Frontenac to arrest the law-breakers
  and insulted by Perrot, 160

Brothers of the Christian Doctrine, the, 125

Brulon, Jean Gauthier de, confessor of the chapter established
  by Laval, 197


Caen, the town of, 24

Callieres, Chevalier de, governor of Montreal, 214;
  lays before the king a plan to conquer New York, 218;
  at Quebec when attacked by Phipps, 229;
  makes peace with the Indians, 235;
  his death, 235

Canons, the duties of, 196, 197

Carignan Regiment, the, 53, 77, 79, 114

Carion, M. Philippe de, 88

Cataraqui, Fort (Kingston), built by Frontenac and later called after
  him, 84, 145;
  conceded to La Salle, 145

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