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The remains of Mgr. de Laval rested then in peace under the choir of the chapel of the seminary behind the principal altar.  On December 16th, 1901, the vault was opened by order of the commission entrusted by the Holy See with the conduct of the apostolic investigation into the virtues and miracles in specie of the founder of the Church in Canada.  The revered remains, which were found in a perfect state of preservation, were replaced in three coffins, one of glass, the second of oak, and the third of lead, and lowered into the vault.  The opening was closed by a brick wall, well cemented, concealed between two iron gates.  There they rest until, if it please God to hear the prayers of the Catholic population of our country, they may be placed upon the altars.  This examination of the remains of the venerable prelate was the last act in his apostolic ordeal, for we are aware with what precaution the Church surrounds herself and with what prudence she scrutinizes the most minute details before giving a decision in the matter of canonization.  The documents in the case of Mgr. de Laval have been sent to the secretary of the Sacred Congregation of Rites at Rome; and from there will come to us, let us hope, the great news of the canonization of the first Bishop of New France.

Sleep your sleep, revered prelate, worthy son of crusaders and noble successor of the apostles.  Long and laborious was your task, and you have well merited your repose beneath the flagstones of your seminary.  Long will the sons of future generations go there to spell out your name,—­the name of an admirable pastor, and, as the Church will tell us doubtless before long, of a saint.



Ailleboust, M. d’, governor of New France, 8

Albanel, Father, missionary to the Indians at Hudson Bay, 11, 103

Alexander VII, Pope, appoints Laval apostolic vicar with the title of
  Bishop of Petraea in partibus, 7, 26;
  petitioned by the king to erect an episcopal see in Quebec, 131;
  wants the new diocese to be an immediate dependency of the Holy See, 133

Alexander of Rhodes, Father, 23

Algonquin Indians, 2, 9, 11

Allard, Father, Superior of the Recollets in the province of
  St. Denis, 109, 110

Allouez, Father Claude, 11;
  addresses the mission at Sault Ste. Marie, 104

Anahotaha, Huron chief, joins Dollard, 69, 71

Andros, Sir Edmund, governor of New England, 173

Argenson, Governor d’, 29;
  his continual friction with Laval, 34;
  disapproves of the retreat of Captain Dupuis from the mission of
  Gannentaha, 67

Arnaud, Father, accompanies La Verendrye as far as the Rocky Mountains, 11

Assise, Francois d’, founder of the Franciscans, 18

Aubert, M., on the French-Canadians, 118, 119

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