Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa Performed in the Years 1850-51, Volume 1 eBook

James Richardson (explorer of the Sahara)
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I have paid as much attention to this subject of the encouragement of the legitimate trade as my time and other occupations would allow me.  It will be as well to make a note here on another point, though it may seem out of place,—­the existence of sulphur in the Syrtis.  There appears no doubt that this substance can be procured at the foot of a mountain called Gebel Sinoube, about six miles from the sea at the innermost point of the Syrtis.  A considerable quantity is obtained by the Arabs near this mountain, about eighteen camel-hours south-west from a place on the coast called Maktar, the eastern limits of the district Syrt.  There is also good sulphur found in the Gebel-Harouj, five or six days east from Sokna.  But what is really the per-centage of pure sulphur on the rough masses of the mines is not ascertained; nor is the quality precisely known, except that of the Harouj mountain.  Accurate information could only be procured by despatching a trustworthy Sicilian miner to make a report.  Perhaps these mines could only be brought into profitable working in the event of the stoppage of a supply from Sicily.  It has been proposed to establish a colony of Maltese at Zafran, on the shore of the Syrtis.  If this idea were carried out, the sulphur mines might by this means be brought into play.



Sickness of Gagliuffi—­Baggage left at Mizdah—­Runthar Aga—­The Hospital—­Various Visits—­Arrival of the New Governor—­Animated Scene—­Correspondence—­Visit Mustapha Agha—­Bragging Sheikh Boro—­Tibboos of Tibesty—­Curious Country—­Presents to Turkish Functionaries—­A Woman divorced—­Haj Lameen—­Presents expected—­Brilliant Atmosphere—­Water-Melons—­The Gardens—­Winnowing Grain—­Houses of Salt Mud—­Nymphs of the Gardens—­Wells—­Presents to Functionaries—­Phrenology—­Queen’s Birthday—­Walks in the Orchards and Gardens—­Corn-threshing—­Kingdom of Aheer—­Ass’s Head—­A Wedding—­A Funeral—­Great Dinner—­Tibboos—­Prepare to depart—­The Pilgrim Caravan; its Privileges—­Tuat and the French—­Departure of Germans—­Wife of Es-Sfaxee—­An Arab Saying—­Letters—­Disease—­Arrival of Escort—­Eastern Consulates—­Business—­Hateetah—­The Son of Shafou—­Poor Sheikhs—­Hard Bargain.

May 7th.—­We are already busy with preparations for our start to the interior.  Mr. Gagliuffi has written to Ghat to-day for Hateetah and his escort of Tuaricks.  Excitement protects us, perhaps, from the deadly influence of the climate of Mourzuk.  Mr. Gagliuffi is recovering from a severe attack, and anticipates being obliged to leave for the coast.  We trust he will not be driven from his post whilst we are in Soudan.  However, we must trust to the same Providence that has hitherto watched over us.

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