Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa Performed in the Years 1850-51, Volume 1 eBook

James Richardson (explorer of the Sahara)
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En-Noor sent word this morning that he and his friends, the Sultans of Asoudee and Aghadez, had combined a razzia against the people of Tidek and Taghajeet, who had plundered us on the road; and that fifty maharees had gone to execute their purposes.  This is the expedition which has been long talked of:  we shall see its results.  Dr. Barth is making arrangements for going to Aghadez.

I have prepared a draft of a treaty, which Yusuf, who accompanies Barth, will take with him.  I have also made a selection of presents for the Sultan of Aghadez.

There is now an immense movement throughout all the Kailouee country.  It is supposed that the razzia for the west has other ulterior objects besides merely chastising the Fadeea and people of Tidek for plundering us.  The power of En-Noor more and more developes itself.  He seems to be determined to take every opportunity to consolidate it.

Oct. 1st.—­Yesterday evening I saw the first drove of bullocks in this country; it belonged to En-Noor.  Overweg made a bet with me that En-Noor would give us one of these animals to-day.  I took his bet of twelve small Aheer cheeses against his six, and won; for the greedy old dog has sent us no bullock.  This morning a man offers me a draught bullock for sale.  The price demanded is fifteen metagals of this country, two and a-half of which are equal to a Spanish dollar.  He lowered his price to eight, and the blacks offered seven, but eight were at last given.  One of our people mounted the naked back of the bullock, and rode him as quietly and easily as a little pony.


In the text, a list of towns and villages has already been given.  The following, obtained from another source subsequently, is far more complete, and probably more correct.  In it the towns and districts are all described according to their situation from Tintalous, the point from which they are made to radiate, both with regard to their compass direction and distance.  This account of the territorial division of Aheer is nearly an exact translation from an Arabic paper, drawn up by Mahommed Makhlouk, Fighi and Secretary of the Sultan En-Noor.  I have not distinguished any of the emphatic letters, the present transcript being enough for my purpose.


Distance No. of Men.

Satartar, N.W. 3 hours 100
Takardaee 3 h. 30
Akeeka 4 h. 20
Asqudaee, S.S.W. 6 h. 120
Tagharet 6 h. 50
Tshagadmara 6 h. 20
Ebenturaghak 8 h. 30
Tugurut 10 h. 30
Tshemeya 8 h. 100
Edaka 2 days 150
Taleghat 2 d. 50

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