Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa Performed in the Years 1850-51, Volume 1 eBook

James Richardson (explorer of the Sahara)
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The great men, and indeed all those that can afford it, despise the simple Kailouee costume, and indulge in all the rich dresses which are so much liked by the Moors of the coast,—­burnouses, shasheeahs, turbans, veneeses, caftans, tobes of silk, &c.

The dress of the women whom we see about is a simple cotton tobe, covering them from neck to heels.  The colour of these tobes is generally blue-black, dyed with indigo; some are glazed with gum.  Many, however, are white, and ornamented in front about the neck with silken embroidery,—­a costume which gives them a very chaste and elegant appearance.  Sometimes the tobes are variegated in colour, as are the trousers; but the sombre, or pure white, are the most popular.

I have set down the Kailouee names for various articles of dress as well as weapons:—­

Green cloth cap Bakin zakee. 
Turban, or bandage round the head and face Taghalmous. 
Red or other caps Takabout. 
Frock and shirt Teekatkat. 
Trousers Eskarbaee. 
Sandals Eghateema. 
Dagger Azegheez. 
Sword Alagh. 
Spear Ebzaghdeer. 
Shield Aghar. 
Arrow Amour. 
Bow Takanya. 
Leathern bag for tobacco, pipe, needles,
  thread, scissors, looking-glass, and other
  small things,—­nicknacks Elbes. 
Charm Sheera.

I can scarcely yet venture to pronounce an opinion on the character of the Kailouees.  They decidedly differ from the Haghar and Azgher Tuaricks, in being more civil and companionable.  But they seem to have acquired from Soudan the habit of petty thieving, from which the Haghars are especially free.


Rainstorm—­Overtures from En-Noor—­Another Interview—­Aheer Fashions—­A great Lady—­Hoisting the British Flag—­A devoted Slave—­Sultan of Asoudee—­Attack on a Caravan—­Purposed Razzia—­Desert News—­Buying Wives—­A peculiar Salutation—­Oasis of Janet—­New Razzias—­Costume of the Sultan—­The Milky Way—­Noise at a Wedding—­Unquiet Nights—­Sickness in the Encampment—­A captive Scorpion—­Nuptial Festivities—­An insolent Haghar—­Prejudice about Christians—­Movements in Aheer—­Bullocks.

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