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[12] Stang:  an old word for a perch, sixteen feet and a half, also for a rood of ground.

[13] Chairs:  a sedan chair is here meant.  It held one person, and was carried by two men by means of projecting poles.

[14] Crest:  a decoration to denote rank.

[15] Lingua Franca:  a language—­Italian mixed with Arabic, Greek, and Turkish—­used by Frenchmen, Spaniards, and Italians trading with Arabs, Turks, and Greeks.  It is the commercial language of Constantinople.

[16] Imprimis:  in the first place, (pr.) im pri’ mis.

[17] Lucid:  shining, transparent.

[18] Yeomen of the guards:  freemen forming the bodyguard of the sovereign.

[19] Pocket perspective:  a small spy-glass or telescope.

[20] Trencher:  a wooden plate or platter.

[21] Corn:  such grains as wheat, rye, barley, oats.

[22] Quadrant:  an instrument long used for measuring altitudes.

[23] Skirt:  coat-tail.

[24] Alcoran the Koran or Mohammedan Bible.

[25] Embargo:  an order not to sail.

[26] Discompose them:  displace them.

[27] Puissant:  powerful.

[28] Junto:  a body of men secretly united to gain some political end.

[29] Pulling:  plucking and drawing, preparatory to cooking,

[30] Meaner:  of lower rank.

[31] Portion:  the part of an estate given to a child.

[32] Domestic:  the household and all pertaining thereto.

[33] Exchequer bills:  bills of credit issued from the exchequer by authority of parliament.

[34] Close chair:  sedan chair.

[35] Cabal:  a body of men united for some sinister purpose.

[36] Lee side:  side sheltered from the wind.

[37] Ancient:  flag, corrupted from ensign.

[38] Downs:  A famous natural roadstead off the southeast coast of Kent, between Goodwin Sands and the mainland, south of the Thames entrance.

[39] Black Bull:  inns in England are often named after animals with an adjective descriptive of the color of the sign; as, The Golden Lion, The White Horse.

[40] Towardly:  apt, docile.

[41] Straits of Madagascar:  Mozambique Channel.

[42] The line:  the equator.

[43] Hinds:  peasants; rustics.

[44] Pistoles:  about three dollars and sixty cents.

[45] Trencher-side:  up to his trencher or wooden plate.

[46] Discovering:  Showing.

[47] From London Bridge to Chelsea:  about three miles as the birds fly.

[48] Pillion:  a cushion for a woman to ride on behind a person on horseback. From London to St. Alban’s:  about twenty miles.

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