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section Y. . . . the man dwelling (in the house) has given to the owner (of the house) the money of its rent in full for the year, the owner of the house has ordered the dweller to go out when his days are not full, the owner of the house, because he has ordered the dweller to leave when his days are not full, (shall give) of the money which the dweller gave him. . . .

section Z. If a man has to pay, in money or corn, but has not money or corn to pay with, but has goods, whatever is in his hands, before witnesses, according to what he has brought, he shall give to his merchant.  The merchant shall not object, he shall receive it.


The numbers refer to the sections of the Code.

Abatement, of rent, for loss of crop, 45, 46.
   of interest, 48.

Accidental loss, by storm or deluge, falls on tenant, 45.
   shared by landlord, if before rent is paid, 46.
   by drought, storm, or deluge, postpones payment of debt, 48.

Adjournment, for production of witnesses, 13.
      not to exceed six months, 13.

Adoption, of natural son, 185.
      of child of living parents, 186.
      parents may object, 186.
      votary or palace official cannot object, 187.
   by artisan, 188.
      no one can reclaim child, if he has been taught handicraft, 188.
      otherwise can be reclaimed, 189.
      adopted son must be formally acknowledged, 190.
      if not, returns to real parents on death of adoptive father, 190.
      adopted son cannot be cut off without legal process, 191.
      has one-third child’s share, 191.
      but no part of estate, 191.
      repudiation by adopted son severely punished, 192 ff.

Adultery, 129.
   penalty, drowning, 129.

Agent, relation to principal or merchant—­
   must keep accounts, 100.
      of money received, 100.
      of interest due, 100.
   if unsuccessful, repays capital only, 101.
   if a loser, repays capital in full, 102.
   if robbed, can be excused payment, 103.
   must keep account of goods, 104.
   stating money value, 104.
   take inventory, 104.
   give receipt, 104.
   pays threefold for his defaults, 106.

Allotment, to ganger, constable, or tributary, 30. See Benefice.

Allowances, to divorced wife, 137.
   usufruct of field, garden, and goods.

Alteration of date for repayment, 48.
   called ‘wetting tablet,’ 48.

Approving lease, 44. See Lease.

Assault, of gentleman by gentleman, 202, 203.
   in a quarrel, 206.
   of poor man by poor man, 204.
   of gentleman by slave, 205.
   of pregnant woman, causing miscarriage—­
      gentle woman, 209.
      poor woman, 211.
      slave, 213.
   causing her death—­
      gentle woman, 210.
      poor woman, 212.
      slave, 214.
   See under Fines.

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