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Nesle, Captain de, 252

Nicholas, signs a memorandum, 136

Nicolet, Jean, interpreter, 144

Noel, Pierre, 66

Nouee, Father Anne de, 207, 208, 227

Nouveau, Arnould de, merchant of Rouen, 132

Noyrot, Father, 168, 177, 178, 200, 227


Ochateguin, Indian chief, 48;
  his alliance with Champlain, 55;
  commands the Hurons, 69;
  fights against the Iroquois, is wounded, 103

Olbeau, Father Jean d’, arrives in Quebec, 85, 88;
  visits the Bersiamites, 107;
  celebrates the first jubilee, 114;
  lays the first stone of the Recollet convent, 148;
  sees its door closed in 1629, 167

Olmechin, Indian chief, 34

Orville, d’, at Ste. Croix, 25

Otis, Charles Pomeroy, translates the Voyages of Champlain, 277

Ouanda Koka, Huron chief, 233

Orani, Huron chief wounded in 1615, 103

Overman, finds Champlain’s astrolabe, 76


Palma Cayet, Victor, 15

Parkman, quoted, 228

Perrault, Father, at Cape Breton, 236, 237

Piat, Father I., goes to France, 141;
  to the Montagnais, 149, 150

Pillet, Charles, murdered, 161, 163

Piraube, Martial, godfather of young Hurons, 233

Pivert, Nicholas, 144, 146, 181, 196, 208

Pont-Grave, see Grave, Francois, Sieur du Pont

Poullain, Father G., comes to Canada, 87, 116;
  goes to the Nipissing mission, 149

Poutrincourt, Jean de Biencourt, Sieur de, goes to
  America with de Monts, 19;
  joins Champlain on a voyage of discovery, 34;
  plants a cross at Port Fortune, 35;
  leaves for France, 38

Prevert, informs Champlain of the existence of a copper mine, 14

Provencal, Captain, Champlain’s uncle, 2

Purchas, 15


Quen, Father J. de, second parish priest of Quebec, 238, 239

Quentin, Barthelemy, one of the Hundred Associates, 170

Quentin, Bonaventure, 170

Quentin, Father Claude, superior of the Canadian missions, 234


Ragois, Claude le, merchant of Rouen, 132

Ralde, Raymond de la, 138;
  goes to France, 141;
  admiral of the fleet, 155;
  note on his life, 156

Ralleau, de Monts’ secretary, 33

Ravenel, Jehan, 66

Raymbault, Father, buried in Champlain’s tomb, 262

Razilly, Isaac de, one of the Hundred Associates, 170;
  ordered to assist Quebec, 200;
  his commission cancelled, 201, 213

Re, Francois de, Sieur Gand, one of the Hundred Associates, 171;
  a good Catholic, 239;
  buried in Champlain’s tomb, 262

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