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Herve, Francois, merchant of Rouen, 132

Honabetha, Indian chief, 30

Houeel, Louis, Sieur de Petit-Pre, enters into Champlain’s views, 83;
  one of the Hundred Associates, 168, 170

Hubou, Guillaume, 181, 196, 208

Huet, Father Paul, arrives in Canada, 87;
  constructs a chapel at Tadousac, 112


Incarnation, Sister Marie de l’, 253, 258

Insterlo, Mathieu d’, one of the Company of Rouen, 122, 127

Iroquet, Indian chief, 48


Jacques, a Slavonian miner, 32

Jamet, Father Denis, arrives in Canada and celebrates
  the first mass, 85, 107;
  goes to France, 111, 112;
  signs a memorandum, 136

Jeannin, President, 72

Jogues, Father Isaac, 207

Jonquest, Etienne, Hebert’s son-in-law, his death, 117;
  arrives in 1617, 145

Joubert, Captain, 141

Juchereau, Jean, comes with Giffard, 252


Kirke, David, intends to make an assault on Quebec, 173;
  appointed captain of the fleet, 176;
  writes to Champlain, 177, 178;
  captures French barques, 179;
  abandons Quebec, 180;
  accepts articles of capitulation, 192;
  visits Quebec, 204;
  at Tadousac, 205;
  his pretentions as to de Caen’s claims, 217;
  refuses to pay, 218;
  dissatisfied with the agreement, 219

Kirke, Gervase, chief of the Kirke family, 173

Kirke, James, son of Gervase, 173

Kirke, John, son of Gervase, 173

Kirke, Louis, resides in Fort St. Louis, 158;
  writes to Champlain, 188;
  interviews Father de la Roche, 189, 190;
  his answer to Champlain, 191, 192;
  receives the keys of the fort, 195;
  hoists the English flag, 196;
  treats Champlain well, 199;
  his conduct towards the Jesuits, 205

Kirke, Thomas, signs a letter to Champlain, 188;
  takes part in an interview with Father de la Roche, 189;
  signs the answer to Champlain, 192;
  treats Emery de Caen as a pirate, 220


Lalemant, Father Charles, quoted, 87;
  arrives at Quebec, 152;
  his letter to the Provincial of the Recollets, 154;
  comes back to Quebec, 200;
  abandons Canada, 227;
  teacher, 229;
  parish priest, 238, 239

Lalemant, Father Jerome, 10

Lamontagne, interpreter, 144

La Motte, at Port Royal, 25

L’Ange, Captain, 78

Langlois, Francoise, 146, 208

Langlois, Marguerite, 146, 208

Langlois, Noel, 252

Langoissieux, Pierre, takes the monastic habit, 149;
  returns to France, 209

La Place, Father de, at Miscou, 234

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