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Galleran, Father G., 149

Gamache, Marquis de, contributes to the foundation
  of the Jesuits’ College, 228

Gand, see Re

Garnier de Chapouin, provincial of the Recollets, 85

Gates, Sir Thomas, his letters patent, 223

Gaufestre, Friar Jean, 209

Genestou, at Port Royal, 25

Gesvres, de, 9

Giffard, Robert, surgeon, 164, 174;
  comes to Canada, 250;
  receives lands, 251, 252

Godefroy, Jean-Paul, interpreter, 144

Godefroy, Thomas, interpreter, 144

Gomara, Lopez de, 6

Gondoin, Father N., missionary at Miscou, 234

Goudon, Elizabeth, Gervase Kirke’s wife, 173

Grave, Francois, grandson of Pont-Grave, 47

Grave, Francois, Sieur du Pont, accompanies Champlain to Tadousac, 8;
  comes to Canada in 1603, 9;
  proceeds to Sault St. Louis, 13;
  Champlain awaits him at Port au Mouton, 19;
  at Ste. Croix, 32;
  returns to France, 33;
  at Tadousac, 40;
  one of the jury to judge Duval, 43;
  sails for France in 1608, 45;
  arrives at Tadousac, 1609, 47;
  commands the habitation of Quebec, 48;
  his promise to Anadabijou, 51;
  returns to France, 54;
  receives the command of a fur trading vessel, 56, 57;
  trades in peltry, 63;
  sails for France, 64;
  returns to Canada, 106;
  trades at Three Rivers, 121;
  Champlain’s rival, 125;
  represents the old company, 133;
  arrives at Quebec, 134;
  his conflict with Guillaume de Caen, 135;
  chief clerk at Quebec, 138;
  at Cape de la Victoire, 139;
  sails for France, 141;
  his illness, 156;
  Champlain reads publicly his commission, 181, 182;
  signs articles of capitulation, 191;
  leaves for Tadousac, 196

Grave, Jeanne, 47

Grave, Robert, son of Francois, accompanies Champlain
  on a voyage of discovery along the American coast, 34

Grave, Vincent, merchant of Rouen, 122

Groux, J., signs a memorandum, 136

Gua, Pierre du, Sieur de Monts, see Monts

Guers, J.B., delegate of the Duke of Montmorency, 121, 133, 134, 136;
  returns to France, 141

Guilbault, merchant of La Rochelle, 236

Guines, Friar Modeste, 115

Guyon, Jean, mason, comes from Perche, 252


Halard, Jacques, captain, 136

Hebert, Anne, 117

Hebert, Guillaume, 146, 208

Hebert, Guillemette, 146, 208

Hebert, Louis, comes to Quebec with family, 111, 112;
  signs a memorandum, 136;
  his family, 146;
  at Port Royal, 147;
  his death, 148, 250, 251

Hebert, Louise, 146

Hebert, Madame, see Rollet, Marie

Hersault, Jacques, comptroller of customs at La Rochelle, 265

Hertel, Jacques, interpreter, 144

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