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1619—­Conde sells his commission of viceroy to the Duke of Montmorency; Champlain’s new commission of lieutenant of the viceroy.  Company of Montmorency formed by the Duke of Montmorency.

1620—­Champlain comes back to Quebec with his wife, and stays there till the year 1624.

1621—­Champlain receives his instructions from Montmorency and from the king; entitled to help the new company of merchants; conflict at Quebec between the agents of the old and of the new company; Champlain’s firm attitude settles the matter.

1622—­The Company of Montmorency rules the country.

1624—­Champlain recrosses the ocean, bringing his wife.

1625—­Arrival of the Jesuits.  Champlain at Tadousac and at Quebec; his intercourse with the Montagnais; the duc de Ventadour named viceroy of New France; Champlain reappointed lieutenant.

1627—­Ventadour resigns his office; Cardinal Richelieu organizes the Company of the Hundred Associates; privileges granted to them; Champlain still living at Quebec.

1628—­Roquemont sent to Quebec with provisions; his vessels taken by Kirke; Quebec in danger; correspondence between David Kirke and Champlain; the enemy retires; distress at Quebec for the want of food.

1629—­Kirke before Quebec; the capitulation; fate of the inhabitants; the missionaries return to France together with Champlain; the last events at Tadousac.

1629-32—­Champlain goes to London; negotiations between France and England through the French ambassador; Champlain’s visits to the king, and to Cardinal Richelieu; Charles I ready to restore Canada, with certain conditions.

1632—­The Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye terminates the dispute between the two countries, and Quebec is restored to France.

1632—­Arrival at Quebec of the Jesuits; history of their convent since 1626.

1633—­Champlain’s arrival in Quebec; history of the seminary of Notre Dame des Anges since its foundation; the Jesuits’ missions at Miscou Island, in the Maritime Provinces, Acadia, Baie des Chaleurs and Cape Breton.  Champlain erects a church at Quebec.

1634—­Immigration of French colonists from Perche; Robert Giffard.

1635—­Champlain’s sickness and death; his wife founds an Ursuline convent at Meaux.




Aiandace, Huron seminarist, 232

Alexander, Sir William, his mission, 176;
  his charters, 223

Alix, Marguerite, Champlain’s mother-in-law, 66

Alix, Simon, Helene Boulle’s uncle, 66, 170

Anadabijou, chief of the Montagnais, 50, 51, 55, 139

Andehoua, Huron seminarist, 232, 233

Antons, Captain des, 31

Armand-Jean, christian name of Andehoua, 33

Arragon, notary, 66

Atarohiat, Huron seminarist, 233

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