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Laurence Oliphant
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What can be pleasanter than this gentle process of aesthetic development which our higher faculties are undergoing?  With due deference to Mr Rollestone, I think we shall be far better employed in cultivating our taste, than in probing our own organisms in the hope of discovering forces which may enable us to apply a perfectly unpractical system of morality, to a society which has every reason to be satisfied with the normal progress it is making.

Mrs Gloring.  Indeed, Mr Rollestone, I agree with you a great deal more than with Mr Fussle.  I should like to call out a higher moral force in myself—­but I should never have the courage to undergo all the ordeals you say it would involve; I am too weak to try.

Lord Fondleton.  Of course you are,—­don’t!  You are much nicer as you are.  Why, Rollestone, you would make all the women detestable if you could have your way.

Rollestone.  I don’t think there is any immediate cause for alarm on that score.

Mrs Allmash [rising].  Dearest Augusta, I am afraid I must run away:  thank you so much, for such a treat. [All rise] Mrs Gloring, we have all been so deeply interested, that we have scarcely been able to exchange a word, but I hope we shall see a great deal of each other this year.  I have a few people coming to me to-morrow evening; do you think you can spare a moment from your numerous engagements?  Lady Fritterly and Lord Fondleton are coming; and perhaps, Mr Drygull, you will come, and bring Mr Allyside.  Mr Fussle, I know it is useless to expect you; and I cannot venture to ask Mr Rollestone to anything so frivolous.  But perhaps you will dine with me on Thursday—­you will meet some congenial spirits.

Rollestone.  Thank you, but I fear it will be impossible, as I leave London to-morrow.  Good-bye, Lady Fritterly.  Forgive me, an utter stranger, for having so far obtruded my experiences upon you, and for venturing finally to suggest that it is in our own hearts that we should search for the religion that we need; for is it not written, “The kingdom of heaven is within you”?


The Italian peninsula during the years 1859-60-61 offered a particularly tempting field for adventure to ardent spirits in search of excitement; and, attracted partly by my sympathy with the popular movement, and partly by that simple desire, which gives so much zest to the life of youth, of risking it on all possible occasions, I had taken an active part, chiefly as an officious spectator, in all the principal events of those stirring years.  It was in the spring of 1862 that I found matters beginning to settle down to a degree that threatened monotony; and with the termination of the winter gaieties at Naples and the close of the San Carlo, I seriously bethought me of accepting the offer of a naval friend who was about

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