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Odes, Lyrics, and Sonnets, from the Poetic Works of James Russell Lowell. White and Gold Series. 16mo, gilt top, $1.00, half levant, $3.00.

Fireside Travels. 12mo, gilt top, $1.50.

Among my Books.  First Series, Second Series.  Each, 12mo, gilt top, $2.00.

My Study Windows. 12mo, gilt top, $2.00.

Democracy, and Other Addresses. 16mo, gilt top, $1.25.

Political Essays. 12mo, gilt top, $1.50.

Lowell Birthday Book. 32mo, $1.00.

Lowell Calendar Book.  Containing Selections from Lowell’s Writings for Every Day. 32mo, 25 cents.

Last Poems.  Edited by CHARLES ELIOT NORTON.  With a fine new
Portrait. 12mo, gilt top, $1.25.


Riverside Literature Series:  No. 15.  Under the Old Elm, and Other Poems.  With a Biographical Sketch and Notes.  Paper, 15 cents, net.  No. 30.  The Vision of Sir Launfal, and Other Poems.  With a Biographical Sketch, Notes, and Illustrations.  Paper, 15 cents, net, cloth, 25 cents, net. (Nos. 15 and 30 also bound together in one volume, cloth, 40 cents, net.) No. 39.  Books and Libraries, and Other Papers.  With Notes.  Paper, 15 cents, net.  Extra Double No.  M. A Fable for Critics.  With Outline Portraits. 30 cents, net.  Extra Double No.  O. Lowell Leaflets. 30 cents, net; cloth, 40 cents, net.

Modern Classics:  Vol 5.  The Vision of Sir Launfal, The Cathedral, Favorite Poems.  Vol. 31.  My Garden Acquaintance, A Good Word for Winter, A Moosehead Journal. School Edition. Each, 32mo, 40 cents, net.

Riverside School Library:  The Vision of Sir Launfal, and other Verse and Prose. 16mo, half leather, 60 cents, net.

Portraits.  Lowell at 24, etching, at 31, at 38, at 39, at 62, at 69.  Steel, each 25 cents.  On India paper, 75 cents.  Lowell at 23, photogravure, 75 cents.  Atlantic Life-Size Portrait, $1.00.


The Riverside Literature Series.


Each regular single number, paper, 15 cents.

54.  Bryant’s Sella, Thanatopsis, and Other Poems.[33]

55.  Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.  THURBER.[33][34]

56.  Webster’s First Bunker Hill Oration, and the Oration on Adams and Jefferson.

57.  Dickens’s Christmas Carol.[34] With Notes and a Biography.

58.  Dickens’s Cricket on the Hearth.[34]

59.  Verse and Prose for Beginners in Reading.[33]

60, 61.  The Sir Roger de Ooverley Papers.  In two parts.[35]

62.  John Fiske’s War of Independence.  With Maps and a Biographical Sketch.[36]

63.  Longfellow’s Paul Revere’s Ride, and Other Poems.[34]

64. 65, 66.  Tales from Shakespeare.  Edited by CHARLES and MARY LAMB.  In three parts. [Also, in one volume, linen, 50 cents.]

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