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Laura Lee Hope
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“It was just an accident.  Tobyhanna didn’t mean to hurt me,” said Fred.  “I’d often fed him and scratched his nose for him in the circus.  But I walked right over him as he was asleep in between some rocks, and when he jumped out, as much scared as I was he happened to scratch me.  Then I managed to get to this house and I guess I must have gone out of my head or fainted or something.”

“You did,” said Dr. Fandon, “but you are all right now.”

“We must send word to your father that you are safe,” said Mr. Brown, and this was done.

Fred was not quite well enough to be moved, but his father came for him the next day, and he made a great fuss over his boy.  They understood each other better after that.

Mr. Ward thanked everybody who had done anything to help his son, and a few days later took Fred and Dix home, for the dog would not leave his master, much as he liked Splash, Bunny and Sue.

In due time Tobyhanna, the lion, was taken back to the circus, and he never got out of his cage again, as far as I ever heard.

“Well, I think we can keep on with our tour now,” said Mr. Brown, a few days after the new spring had arrived.

“It seems almost like leaving home to go away from here,” said Mother Brown, as they prepared to leave.

“We’ve had such fun camping here,” added Sue.

“And lots of things have happened, too!” added Bunny.  “I never was near where a lion was locked up in a chicken coop before.”

“And I don’t want to be again,” said his mother.

“All aboard!” cried Uncle Tad.

And once more the “Ark,” was traveling along the country road back toward Bellemere.  The auto trip had been a great success, and Bunny and Sue talked of it many times, and of how Fred Ward had been found, and of the escaped lion that had scratched him.

But now it is time to say good-bye, though you must not think this is the last of the adventures of Bunny and Sue, even though there are no more in this book.  There were more ahead of them, but, for the present, we will leave them.




Author of the Popular “Bobbsey Twins” Books

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These stories by the author of the “Bobbsey Twins” Books are eagerly welcomed by the little folks from about five to ten years of age.  Their eyes fairly dance with delight at the lively doings of inquisitive little Bunny Brown and his cunning, trustful sister Sue.

Bunny was a lively little boy, very inquisitive.  When he did anything, Sue followed his leadership.  They had many adventures, some comical in the extreme.

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