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Laura Lee Hope
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“There you are, Bunny!” cried Bunker.  “Right as can be!”

“I steered her nearly all the way around the house,” said the small boy with pride.

“But you must never do it again,” commanded his mother.  “Never!  Oh, how you frightened me, Bunny!”

“I’m sorry!  I won’t do it again,” said the little fellow; and he really meant it.

“How did you come to do it?” asked Bunker.

“It just did itself,” said the small boy.  “I climbed up on the seat, and made believe I was steering, just like you or daddy, when, all of a sudden, off she went.  I ’most busted down a tree, but I didn’t really.  And I went all around the house.  I guess now daddy will let me steer the car out on the road.”

“Not for a few days yet,” said Bunker Blue with a laugh.

“Mr. Brown told me to tell you,” he went on to Mrs. Brown, “that he would go a day earlier than he counted on, if you could get ready.”

“It won’t take me long to pack,” said Mrs. Brown.  “But why didn’t he telephone?”

“Our machine is out of order.  The men are fixing it, and anyhow I had to come up this way.”

“Well, I’m glad you came in time,” said Mrs. Brown, as she led Bunny back to the house.  “You are very good, Bunker.”

“Yes, and I want you to show me how to stop that electric starter when it starts to start,” said Bunny.

“Some day—­maybe,” promised Bunker, smiling.

“Well, if we’re going sooner, I’ll have to hurry up and get my things packed,” said Bunny.  “Have you got yours, Sue?”

“Most of ’em.  You ought to see how bright my Teddy bear’s eyes shine since daddy put new batteries inside Sallie Malinda,” rattled on Sue.  “I can ’most see to read my Mother Goose by them in the dark.”

“Well, I’m going to get my things ready,” said Bunny.

The next few days were busy ones in the Brown home.  The big automobile was packed with bed clothes and with things for the children, their father and mother and Uncle Tad to wear, and also with things to eat.

At last, one morning, all was ready for the start.

“Good-bye,” waved Mary, the cook, who was to have a vacation, while the Browns were away.

“Good-bye!” called Bunny and Sue, and then Mr. Brown, who was at the steering wheel, while Uncle Tad, Bunny, Sue and their mother rode inside, started the car, and Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue were off on an auto tour.

Merrily they rode along, Bunny and Sue talking happily, when, all at once Bunny cried: 

“Wait!  Hold on!  Where is Splash?”



Mr. Brown as soon as he heard Bunny’s cry of “Wait!” at once shut off the power from the big automobile, and brought it to a stop.  He turned to look through the little window at the back of the front seat against which he leaned, and asked: 

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