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Laura Lee Hope
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“Oh, we’ll be sure to,” said Mrs. Brown.

That night, when Bunny and Sue were ready for bed, Bunny looked out of the window toward the Ward house.  There was a bright moon.

“I see Dix and Splash playing together on the lawn,” he said.

“And I see something else,” added Sue.

“What?” asked Bunny.

“I see Fred Ward coming home.  There he is, going up the back steps now.”

Sue pointed, and Bunny saw a tall lad, who did look very much like the runaway boy, at the back door of the Ward home.

“Oh, let’s tell daddy and momsie!” cried Bunny, as he and his sister, in their bare feet, pattered their way downstairs.



Bunny and Sue raced downstairs and burst into the sitting room where their mother and father were sitting.

“Oh, Daddy!” cried Bunny.

“Oh, Momsie!” exclaimed Sue.

They were both out of breath.

“Well, what’s the matter now?” asked Mrs. Brown.  “Why aren’t you in bed?”

“We saw something—­anyhow Sue did,” explained Bunny.

“But first Bunny saw Splash and Dix playing on the lawn in the moonlight,” said Sue, breathing fast.

“And then Sue saw Fred coming home—­in by the back way,” added Bunny, his eyes big with wonder.

“What’s that?” cried Mr. Brown, almost as excited as the two children.

“You say you saw Fred Ward?” asked Mother Brown.

“Well, it looked like him,” replied Bunny, not quite so sure now that questions were being asked of him and his sister.

“And he was going very carefully and quietly around the back way,” added Sue.  “Who could it be but Fred?  He’s getting tired of sleeping in haystacks and eating raw eggs, and he’s come home, I guess.”

“Look here, Sue and Bunny,” said Mr. Brown, a bit firmly but still kindly.  “Did you both see this?  Or did you make it up or dream it?”

“We didn’t dream,” said Sue, “’cause we hadn’t gone to sleep yet.”

“And we didn’t make it up, for we weren’t playing make-believe,” added Bunny.

“Then you must have seen something,” said their father; for when Bunny and his sister spoke in this serious way their parents could tell they were in earnest.

“What could it be?” asked Mrs. Brown, with a wondering look at her husband.

“I’ll run over and see,” he replied.  “You children hop back into bed.  You’ll catch cold.”

“Oh, Daddy!  It’s Summer yet, and we’re even going to sleep out in the tent when we’re on the auto tour,” said Bunny.  “Let us wait up and see if Fred really has come home.  I hope he has!”

“I hope so, too,” said Mother Brown.  “Let them lie awake in bed, Daddy, until you come back from the Ward home.”

“All right, I will,” Mr. Brown agreed, and as he started across the moonlighted lawn Bunny and Sue, with many whisperings, noddings and giggles went back upstairs to their room.

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