Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making eBook

William Hamilton Gibson
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Constructing the Traps.—­The poacherssnare.—­Its portability.—­The portable snare.—­Its Peculiar Advantages.—­The “Simplest” Snare.—­The valuable principle on which it is Constructed.—­Its Portability.—­Various Adaptations of the Principle.—­The quail snare.—­Its ample capabilities of Capture.—­Peculiarities of the Quail.—­Successful Baits.—­The box snare.—­Modification in a very small scale.—­The double box snare.—­The Animals for which it is Adapted.—­Ground snares.—­The old-fashioned SPINGLE.—­The improved SPINGLE.—­Objections to Ground Snares.—­The figure four ground snare.—­The platform snare.


Traps for feathered game.

The sieve trap.—­The brick trap.—­The coop trap—­Improved Method of Setting.—­Defects of the old style.—­The Bat fowling net.—­Its Use in England.—­How the Dark Lantern is Used by Bird Catchers.—­The clap net.—­Its Extensive Use in Foreign Countries.—­Decoy Birds.—­The “Bird Whistle” used in place of decoy.—­Wonderful Skill attained in the Use of the Bird Whistle.—­Selection of Trapping Ground.—­The bird whistle Described.—­Its Use and Marvelous Capabilities.—­The wild goose trap.—­Its Extensive Use in the Northern Cold Regions for the Capture of the Goose and Ptarmigan.—­Tame Goose Used as Decoys.—­Gravel as Bait.—­The trap cage.—­A Favorite Trap among Bird Catchers.—­Call Birds.—­The spring net trap.—­Rubber Elastic as Spring Power.—­A simpler net trap.—­Common Faults in many Bird Traps.—­Complicated Construction as Unnecessary Feature.—­Requisites of a good Bird Trap.—­Hints on Simple Mechanism.—­Different Modes of Constructing Hinge.—­Hoop Iron Used as Spring Power.—­Manner of Tempering Spring.—­The upright net trap.—­A Second Method of Constructing Platform.—­The box owl trap.—­Ventilation a Desirable Feature in all Box Traps.—­Tin Catch for Securing Cover in Place.—­Peculiar Mode of Baiting for Birds.—­Modification of Perch.—­Baiting for the Owl.—­Locality for Setting.—­The Owl in Captivity.—­Its Food.—­Hints on the Care of the Bird.—­The box bird trap.—­Cigar Box Used as a Trap.—­The pendant box trap.—­Ventilation.—­Simple Mechanism.—­Care in Construction of Bearings.—­The hawk trap.—­A “Yankee” Invention.—­Stiff-Pointed Wires Effectually Use in the Capture of the Hawk.—­Owl also Captured by the Same Device.—­The wild

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