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William Hamilton Gibson
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 313 pages of information about Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making.
  Poisoning the, 222. 
  Traps for, 20, 141. 
  To protect provisions from, 237. 
  Varieties of, 158. 
  Directions for skinning, 161. 
  Use of skin, 286. 
  Value of skin, 284. 
  Nature and habits of, 199, 238. 
  Trapping the, 199. 
  Natural enemy to the Beaver, 200. 
  Directions for skinning, 201. 
  Use of skin, 286. 
  Value of skin, 284. 
  As food, 238. 
  Nature and habits of, 204. 
  Snare, 205. 
  Trapping the, 204. 
  Use of skin, 204. 
  Smoked from its burrow, 205. 
  Removing skin of, 205. 
Woodcock, to cook, 233. 
Wood Duck as food, 239. 
  To cook.—­See Duck. 
Woodland beds and bedding, 249. 
Wounds, ointment for, 255.

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