Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making eBook

William Hamilton Gibson
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Candles.—­The Trappers’ Personal outfit.—­The jack-knife.—­The Pocket-Compass.—­Necessity of preparing for Emergencies.—­Shot guns and Rifles.—­Both combined in the same weapon.—­Oil for Fire Arms.—­Fat of the Grouse Used on Fire Arms.—­Fishing tackle.—­The Trappers’ portable stove.—­The Stove versus The Open Fire.—­The Trapper’s Clothing.—­The Material and Color.—­Boots.—­High-topped Boots.—­Short Boots.—­Their Relative Qualities.—­Waterproof Boot Dressing.—­Recipe.—­The Trapping Season.—­Hints on Trapping-lines.—­The “Wheel” plan.—­Mode of following the lines.—­“Trap Robbers” or “Poachers.”—­How to guard against them.—­Hiding furs.—­How to store Traps from Season to Season.—­Gnats and Mosquitoes.—­The “Smudge.”—­How made.—­Food and cooking utensils.—­“Roughing it.”—­“A chance Chip for a Frying Pan.”—­A “happy medium” between two extremes.—­Cosy and Comfortable living on a Campaign.—­Portable Food.—­Combined Nutriment and lightness in weight to be desired.—­The Trappers’ Culinary Outfit.—­Indian meal as Food.—­The Trappers’ “Staff of Life.”—­Wheat flour.—­Salt Pork.—­Seasoning.—­Pork Fritters a luxury.—­Cooking Utensils.—­The “Telescope” drinking cup.—­Recipe for making Pork Fritters.—­“Chop Sticks” a la “Chinee.”—­A Flat Chip as a Plate.—­Boiled Mush.—­Old “Stand by.”—­Recipe.—­Fried Mush.—­Indian meal Cakes.—­Recipe.—­Johnny Cake.—­Recipe.—­Hoe Cakes.—­Recipe.—­Fresh fish.—­How to Cook fish in a most Delicious manner.—­Prof.  Blot, and Delmonico, out-done.—­The “NE plus ultra” of delicacies.—­All the sweet Juices of the Fish preserved.—­Disadvantages of the ordinary method of cooking.—­Partridge, Duck, Quail, Cooked deliciously.—­Roasting unrivalled!—­Hints on Broiling.—­An extemporized Spider or Toaster.—­Roasting on a spit.—­Venison, Bear, and Moose Meat broiled in the best style.—­Venison cutlets.—­The Camp fire.—­Usual mode [Page x] of building Fire.—­How the Kettle is suspended.—­“Luxuries” considered.—­The Knapsack a desirable Acquisition.—­Matches.—­The Bottle Match-safe.—­Waterproof Matches.—­How made.—­Lucifer Matches.—­Recipe for Waterproof preparation.—­The Pocket Sun Glass.—­A necessary adjunct to a Trapper’s Outfit.—­Its Advantages in case of Emergency.—­“Touch wood” or “Punk Tinder,” valuable in lighting fires.—­How to light Fires without matches or Sun glass.—­How to light a fire without Matches, Sun Glass, Powder, or Percussion Caps.—­A last Resort.—­Matches best in the long run.—­The Portable Camp Stove described.—­Its accompanying Furniture.—­The Combination Camp-knife.—­Hint on Provisions.—­Potatoes as food.—­Beans.—­“Self raising” Wheat flour.—­Light Bread, Biscuit and Pancakes in Camp.—­Various accessories.—­Olive Oil for purpose of Frying.—­Pork.—­Indian meal.—­Crackers.—­Wheaten Grits.—­Rice and Oatmeal.—­Tea and Coffee.—­Soups.—­Liebig’s Extract of Beef.—­Canned Vegetables.—­Lemonade.—­Waterproof bags for provisions.—­Painted bags.—­Caution!—­Waterproof preparation.—­Air-tight jars for Butter.—­Knapsack
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