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Albert Samuel Gatschet
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 13 pages of information about Illustration Of The Method Of Recording Indian Languages.
s|y[a]-uka;| ub[a]-us| cure. | Then | the | spider | treats |a piece of| him; deer-skin
|      |   of the spider
a]-ustka|tchut[a];| (is) the curing-tool.| Then | by means | deer-skin | he treats| of that (him); |
|t[:a]t[a]ktak| huk      6
| just the size|that
|  of the spot
sh|kt[^u]’shka|t[:a]’tak|huk| relapse| is | so much | of deer- | he cuts | as where| he| infected, skin out
|   is     | Then  |
a]-nsh.| the “spider” |is started| while applying| that |skin piece.| song
|   And he  |  over it
n[e]tatka|sk[u]tash,|ts[u]i| sha|h[^u]’nk|ud[^u]’pka|
he    | a blanket,|  and  |they|   it   | strike   | 
|h[:a]n[:a]’shishtka,|ts[u]i|h[^u]’k     9
|  with conjurer’s   | then  |  it 
gut[:a]’ga|tsul[:a]’kshtat;| g[:a]’tsa|l[^u]’p[i]|kiat[e]ga,|
enters  | into the body; |a particle|  firstly  |  enters,  |
| then  | (it) body |    becomes,    |  and
at |pushp[u]shuk|shl[=e]’sh|h[^u]k|ub[a]-u
sh.|Ts[u]i|m[=a]’ns| now| dark it |to look at| that |skin-piece.| Then | after | a while
|t[a]nk[)e]ni ak|wa[i]tash
|  after so and  |  days
so many
h[^u]’k|p[^u]shp[u]shli at|m[=a]’ns=g[^i]tk|tsul[:a]’ks=sitk|
that  |   black (thing)   |     at last    |(is) flesh-like |
|shl[:a]’sh.|Ts[i]|n[i]|s[a]yuakta;    12
|to look at.| Thus |  I  |am informed;
sht=g[^i]sht|tchut[=i]’sht;| many | | know | (that) in this | were effected| men manner cures;
| and he  | always

w[:a]’mp[)e]le. was well again.


585, 1. n[a]y[:a]ns hissu[a]ksas:  another man than the conjurers of the tribe.  The objective case shows that m[=a]’shitk has to be regarded here as the participle of an impersonal verb:  m[=a]’sha n[^u]sh, and m[=a]’sha n[^u], it ails me, I am sick.

585, 2. y[a]-uks is remedy in general, spiritual as well as material.  Here a tam[a]nuash song is meant by it, which, when sung by the conjurer, will furnish him the certainty if his patient is a relapse or not.  There are several of these medicine-songs, but all of them (n[a]nuk h[^u]’k shu[=i]’sh) when consulted point out the spider-medicine as the one to apply in this case.  The spider’s curing-instrument is that small piece of buckskin (ub[a]-ush) which has to be inserted under the patient’s skin.  It is called the spider’s medicine because the spider-song is sung during its application.

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