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Albert Samuel Gatschet
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Whereupon the other dog said:  “Alas!  Alas! she has treated you badly, verily we will eat up her pack of meat.  Call an assembly:  call Water-mist (i.e., rain); call Bite-off-silently; call Strong-neck; call Sharp-knife.”  So he invited them all.  And when they had all arrived, he said:  “Come on! an old woman has treated this friend badly; bestir yourselves; before the night is past, the pack of dried meat which she prizes so much, and on account of which she has thus dealt with our friend, that we will eat all up”.

Then the one who is called Rain-mist caused it to rain, and it rained all the day through until dark; and the tent was all drenched, and the holes of the tent-pins were thoroughly softened.  Then Bite-off-silently bit off all the lower tent-fastenings, but he did it so quietly that the old woman knew nothing of it.  Then Strong-neck came and seized the pack with his mouth, and carried it far away.  Whereupon Sharp-knife came and ripped the pack through the middle; and so, while it was yet night, they ate up the old woman’s pack of dried meat.

Moral.—­A common thief becomes worse and worse by attaching himself to more daring companions.  This is the myth.


  Conjurers’ practice 583
  Dog’s revenge, a Dakota fable 587
  Omaha myth 581
  Revenge, A dog’s; a Dakota fable 587
  Sweat lodges 586

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