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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 336 pages of information about The Last Journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa, from 1865 to His Death, Volume II (of 2), 1869-1873.

31st July, 1872.—­We heard yesterday from Sahib bin Nassib that the caravan of his brother Kisessa was at a spot in Ugogo, twelve days off.  My party had gone by another route.  Thankful for even this in my wearisome waiting.


Short years in Baganda.  Boys’ playthings in Africa.  Reflections.  Arrival of the men.  Fervent thankfulness.  An end of the weary waiting.  Jacob Wainwright takes service under the Doctor.  Preparations for the journey.  Flagging and illness.  Great heat.  Approaches Lake Tanganyika.  The borders of Fipa.  Lepidosirens and vultures.  Capes and islands of Lake Tanganyika.  Higher mountains.  Large bay.

1st August, 1872.—­A large party of Baganda have come to see what is stopping the way to Mtesa, about ten headmen and their followers; but they were told by an Arab in Usui that the war with Mirambo was over.  About seventy of them come on here to-morrow, only to be despatched back to fetch all the Baganda in Usui, to aid in fighting Mirambo.  It is proposed to take a stockade near the central one, and therein build a battery for the cannon, which seems a wise measure.  These arrivals are a poor, slave-looking people, clad in bark-cloth, “Mbuzu,” and having shields with a boss in the centre, round, and about the size of the ancient Highlanders’ targe, but made of reeds.  The Baganda already here said that most of the new-comers were slaves, and would be sold for cloths.  Extolling the size of Mtesa’s country, they say it would take a year to go across it.  When I joked them about it, they explained that a year meant five months, three of rain, two of dry, then rain again.  Went over to apply medicine to Nkasiwa’s neck to heal the outside; the inside is benefited somewhat, but the power will probably remain incomplete, as it now is.

3rd August, 1872.—­Visited Salem bin Seff, who is ill of fever.  They are hospitable men.  Called on Sultan bin Ali and home.  It is he who effected the flight of all the Baganda pagazi, by giving ten strings of beads to Motusi to go and spread a panic among them by night; all bolted.

4th August, 1872.—­Wearisome waiting, and the sun is now rainy at mid-day, and will become hotter right on to the hot season in November, but this delay may be all for the best.

5th August, 1872.—­Visited Nkasiwa, and recommended shampooing the disabled limbs with oil or flour.  He says that the pain is removed.  More Baganda have come to Kwihara, and will be used for the Mirambo war.

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