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  Paper for drawing, 11

  Parts, relations of the, 32

  Passing hollow, 62

  Perfected lever escapement, 87

  Pivots, turning, 172

  Point of percussion, 139

  Points for drawing instruments, 20

  Polishing materials, 52

  Power leaks, 16

  Power lost in lever escapement, 87

  Practical problems in the lever escapement, 98


  Radial extent of outside of cylinder, 125

  Ratchet-tooth escape wheel, 12

  Recoil anchor escapement, 155

  Recoil escapement, 154

  Reduced gable escapement, 167

  Retrograde motion, 36

  Roller action, why 30 degrees, 55
    Of double roller, 78

  Roller diameter, determining the, 55

  Ruling pen, 9


  Safety action, 56

  Scale of inches, 9

  Screws, making extra large, 45

  Screwheads, fancy, 45

  Selecting new cylinder, 170

  Shaping, advantages gained in, 116

  Sheet steel, cutting, 48

  Short fork, 100

  Sound as indicator of correct action, 144

  Spring, elasticity of, 133

  Staking on a balance, 175

  Steel, polishing, 49
    Tempering, 49

  Study drawings, 124

  Systems of measurements, 114


  Tangential lockings, 80, 148

  Test gage for angular movement, 65

  Theoretical action of double roller, 76

  Timekeeping, controlled by balance, 73

  Tool for length measurement, 174

  Tools, measuring, 171

  Triangle, 18

  T-square, 9


  Unlocking action, 56

  Unlocking roller, 136


  Verge escapement, 131, 155


  Weight and inertia of balance, 133

  Working model of cylinder escapement, 123

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A Complete and Practical Guide for Watchmakers in Adjusting Watches and Chronometers for Isochronism, Position, Heat and Cold.


Author of “Practical Hints on Watch Repairing,” “Practical Treatise on Balance Spring,” “Electricity and Magnetism for Watchmakers,” etc., etc.

This well-known work is now recognized as the standard authority on the adjustments and kindred subjects, both here and in England.  It contains an exhaustive consideration of the various theories proposed, the mechanical principles on which the adjustments are based, and the different methods followed in actual practice, giving all that is publicly known in the trade, with a large amount of entirely new practical matter not to be found elsewhere, obtained from the best manufacturers and workmen, as well as from the author’s own studies and experiences.

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