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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 74 pages of information about History and Ecclesiastical Relations of the Churches of the Presbyterial Order at Amoy, China.

Perhaps, in order to guard against any mistaken impression, I ought to add that the relations between the Missionaries and the Board of Foreign Missions of our Church, have always been of the most pleasant character.  Whatever have been their differences of opinion on this most important subject, or on any other subject, they have not caused, so far as I am aware, the least interruption of that warm Christian friendship which has always existed, or been the occasion of one unkind utterance in all their mutual correspondence.  Why not so?  Cannot Christians reason with each other, even on subjects of the highest moment, in such a spirit as not only to avoid animosities, but even to increase personal friendship?  If this paper should prove the occasion of discussion in our Church, let me express the hope that such discussion will be carried on in such a spirit.


Bound Brook, N.J., October, 1863.








The first Protestant Missionaries at Amoy arrived there in the year 1842.  They were Dr. Abeel of the American Reformed Dutch Church, and Bishop Boone of the American Episcopal Church.  After these there arrived Missionaries of the London Missionary Society, of the American Presbyterian Church, of the English Presbyterian Church, and others of the American Reformed Dutch Church.

Bishop Boone soon left Amoy, and no others of his Church have since then been stationed there.  The American Presbyterian Mission was removed to other parts of China.  At the present time there are three Missions at Amoy, viz.:  the Missions of the American Reformed Dutch Church, of the London Missionary Society, and of the English Presbyterian Church.

The Missionaries of the London Missionary Society are Independents or Congregationalists, and have organized their churches after the Congregational order.  Thus their churches form a distinct Denomination, and nothing further need be said of them in this paper.

The first Missionary of the English Presbyterian Church at Amoy was Dr. Jas. Young.  He arrived in May, 1850.  At that time there were two Missionaries connected with our (R.D.C.) Mission, viz.:  Rev. E. Doty, on the ground, and Rev. J.V.N.  Talmage, absent on a visit to the United States.  There were then under our care six native church members.  Five of them had been baptized by our Missionaries at Amoy.  The other had been baptized in Siam, by a Congregationalist or Presbyterian Minister of the A.B.C.F.M.

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