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Philip Thicknesse
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bear, in full perfection, a great variety of flowers and flowering shrubs.  We had the honour to be admitted while the Prince of Conde, the Duke and Duchess of Bourbon, the Princess of Monaco, and two or three other ladies and gentlemen were at supper; a circumstance which became rather painful to us, as it seemed to occasion some to the company, and particularly to the Prince, who inquired who we were, and took pains to shew every sort of politeness he could to strangers he knew nothing of.  The supper was elegantly served on plate; but there seemed to me too many servants round the table.  The conversation was very little, and very reserved.  I do not recollect that I saw scarce a smile during the whole time of supper.

The Prince is a sprightly, agreeable man, something in person like Lord Barrington; and the Duke of Bourbon so like his father, that it was difficult to know the son from the father.

The Duchess of Bourbon is young, handsome, and a most accomplished lady.

During the supper, a good band of music played; but it was all wind instruments.  Mr. Lejeune, the first bassoon, is a most capital performer indeed.

After the dessert had been served up about ten minutes, the Princess of Monaco rose from the table, as did all the company, and suddenly turning from it, each lady and gentleman’s servant held them a water glass, which they used with great delicacy, and then retired.

The Princess of Monaco is separated from the Prince her husband; yet she has beauty enough for any Prince in Europe, and brought fortune enough for two or three.

The Duchess of Bourbon had rather a low head-dress, and without any feather, or, that I could perceive, rouge; the Princess of Monaco’s head-dress was equally plain; the two other ladies, whose rank I do not recollect, wore black caps, and hats high dressed.  There were eight persons sat down to table, and I think, about twenty-five servants, in and out of livery, attended.

The next day, we were admitted to see the Prince’s cabinet of natural and artificial curiosities; and as I intimated my design of publishing some account of my journey, the Prince was pleased to allow me as much time as I chose, to examine his very large and valuable collection; among which is a case of gold medallions,(72) of the Kings of France, in succession, a great variety of birds and beasts, ores, minerals, petrifactions, gems, cameos, &c.  There is also a curious cabinet, lately presented to the Prince by the King of Denmark; and near it stood a most striking representation, in wax, of a present said to be served up to a late unfortunate Queen; it is the head and right hand of Count Struensee, as they were taken off after the execution; the head and hand lie upon a silver dish, with the blood and blood vessels too, well executed; never surely was any thing so

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