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Philip Thicknesse
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Jocko a bow; they could not laugh at his bad seat, for not one of them rode with more ease; or had a handsomer laced jacket.  Mr. Buffon says, the Monkey or Maggot, (and mine is the latter, for he has no tail) make their grimace or chattering equally to shew their anger or to make known their appetite.  With all due deference to this great naturalist, I must beg leave to say, that his observation is not quite just; there is as much difference between the grimace of my Jocko, when he is angry or hungry, and when he grins to shew delight, as there is in a man, when he gnashes his teeth in wrath, or laughs from mirth.

Between Avignon and this town I met a dancing bear, mounted by a Maggot:  as it was upon the high road, I desired leave to present Jocko to his grandfather, for so he appeared both in age and size; the interview, though they were both males, was very affecting; never did a father receive a long-lost child with more seeming affection than the old gentleman did my Jocko; he embraced him with every degree of tenderness imaginable, while the young gentleman (like other young gentlemen of the present age) betrayed a perfect indifference.  In my conscience I believe it, there was some consanguinity between them, or the reception would have proved more mutual.  Between you and me, I fear, were I to return to England, I might find myself a sad party in such an interview.  It is a sad reflection; but perhaps Providence may wisely ordain such things, in order as men grow older, to wean them from the objects of their worldly affections, that they may resign more readily to the decree of fate.  That good man, Dr. ARBUTHNOT, did not seem to dread the approach of death on his own account, so much as from the grievous affliction HE had reason to fear it would bring upon his children and family.



The Harangue of the Emperor CLAUDIUS, in the SENATE. Copied from the original Bronze plate in the Hotel de Ville, of Lyons.


MOERERUM .  NOSTR :::::  SII :::::::::  Equidem . primam . omnium . illam . cogitationem . hominum . quam . maxime . primam . occursuram . mihi . provideo . deprecor . ne . quasi . novam . istam . rem . introduci . exhorrescatis . sed . illa . potius . cogitetis . quam . multa . in . hac . civitate . novata . sint . et . quidem . statim . ab . origine . vrbis . nostrae . in . quod . formas . statusque . res .  P . nostra . diducta . sit.

Quandam . reges . hanc . tenuere . vrbem . nec tamen . domesticis . successoribus . eam . tradere . contigit . supervenere . alieni . et . quidam . externi . vt .  Numa .  Romulo . successerit . ex.  Sabinis . veniens . vicinus . quidem . se . tunc.

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