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Peace be upon him who followeth the Right Path!

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The thoughts thou hast expressed as to the interpretation of the common species of bird that is called in Persian Gunji_sh_k (sparrow) were considered.(78) Thou appearest to be well-grounded in mystic truth.  However, on every plane, to every letter a meaning is allotted which relateth to that plane.  Indeed, the wayfarer findeth a secret in every name, a mystery in every letter.  In one sense, these letters refer to holiness.

Kaf or Gaf (K or G) referreth to Kuffi ("free"), that is, “Free thyself from that which thy passion desireth; then advance unto thy Lord.”

Nun referreth to Nazzih ("purify"), that is, “Purify thyself from all else save Him, that thou mayest surrender thy life in His love.”

Jim is Janib ("draw back"), that is, “Draw back from the threshold of the True One if thou still possessest earthly attributes.”

Shin is U_sh_kur ("thank")—­“Thank thy Lord on His earth that He may bless thee in His heaven; albeit in the world of oneness, this heaven is the same as His earth.”

Kaf referreth to Kuffi, that is:  “Take off from thyself the wrappings of limitations, that thou mayest come to know what thou hast not known of the states of Sanctity."(79)

Wert thou to harken to the melodies of this mortal Bird,(80) then wouldst thou seek out the undying chalice and pass by every perishable cup.

Peace be upon those who walk in the Right Path!

The Four Valleys

The Four Valleys

He is the Strong, the Well-Beloved!

O light of truth, Hisam-i-Din, the bounteous,
No prince hath the world begot like unto Thee!(81)

I am wondering why the tie of love was so abruptly severed, and the firm covenant of friendship broken.  Did ever, God forbid, My devotion lessen, or My deep affection fail, that thou hast thus forgot Me and blotted Me from thy thoughts?

      What fault of Mine hath made thee cease thy favors?

Is it that We are lowly and thou of high degree?(82) Or is that a single arrow hath driven thee from the battle?(83) Have they not told thee that faithfulness is a duty on those who follow the mystic way, that it is the true guide to His Holy Presence?  “But as for those who say, ‘Our Lord is God,’ and who go straight to Him, the angels shall descend to them...."(84)

Likewise He saith, “Go straight on then as thou hast been commanded."(85) Wherefore, this course is incumbent on those who dwell in the presence of God.

    I do as bidden, and I bring the message,
    Whether it give thee counsel or offense.(86)

Albeit I have received no answer to My letters and it is contrary to the usage of the wise to express My regard anew, yet this new love hath broken all the old rules and ways.

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