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O King of the age!  The eyes of these refugees are turned towards and fixed upon the mercy of the Most Merciful.  No doubt is there whatever that these tribulations will be followed by the outpourings of a supreme mercy, and these dire adversities be succeeded by an overflowing prosperity.  We fain would hope, however, that His Majesty the Shah will himself examine these matters, and bring hope to the hearts.  That which We have submitted to thy Majesty is indeed for thine highest good.  And God, verily, is a sufficient witness unto Me....

O would that thou wouldst permit Me, O Shah, to send unto thee that which would cheer the eyes, and tranquillize the souls, and persuade every fair-minded person that with Him is the knowledge of the Book...  But for the repudiation of the foolish and the connivance of the divines, I would have uttered a discourse that would have thrilled and carried away the hearts unto a realm from the murmur of whose winds can be heard:  ’No God is there but He!’...

I have seen, O Shah, in the path of God what eye hath not seen nor ear heard...  How numerous the tribulations which have rained, and will soon rain, upon Me!  I advance with My face set towards Him Who is the Almighty, the All-Bounteous, whilst behind Me glideth the serpent.  Mine eyes have rained down tears until My bed is drenched.  I sorrow not for Myself, however.  By God!  Mine head yearneth for the spear out of love for its Lord.  I never passed a tree, but Mine heart addressed it saying:  ’O would that thou wert cut down in My name, and My body crucified upon thee, in the path of My Lord!’...  By God!  Though weariness lay Me low, and hunger consume Me, and the bare rock be My bed, and My fellows the beasts of the field, I will not complain, but will endure patiently as those endued with constancy and firmness have endured patiently, through the power of God, the Eternal King and Creator of the nations, and will render thanks unto God under all conditions.  We pray that, out of His bounty—­exalted be He—­He may release, through this imprisonment, the necks of men from chains and fetters, and cause them to turn, with sincere faces, towards His Face, Who is the Mighty, the Bounteous.  Ready is He to answer whosoever calleth upon Him, and nigh is He unto such as commune with Him.


Hearken ye, O Rulers of America and the Presidents of the Republics therein, unto that which the Dove is warbling on the Branch of Eternity:  There is none other God but Me, the Ever-Abiding, the Forgiving, the All-Bountiful.  Adorn ye the temple of dominion with the ornament of justice and of the fear of God, and its head with the crown of the remembrance of your Lord, the Creator of the heavens.  Thus counselleth you He Who is the Dayspring of Names, as bidden by Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.  The Promised One hath appeared in this glorified Station,

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