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      Then let him stand up, and facing the Qiblih (Point of
      Adoration, i.e., Bahji, Akka), let him say: 

God testifieth that there is none other God but Him.  His are the kingdoms of Revelation and of creation.  He, in truth, hath manifested Him Who is the Day-Spring of Revelation, Who conversed on Sinai, through Whom the Supreme Horizon hath been made to shine, and the Lote-Tree beyond which there is no passing hath spoken, and through Whom the call hath been proclaimed unto all who are in heaven and on earth:  “Lo, the All-Possessing is come.  Earth and heaven, glory and dominion are God’s, the Lord of all men, and the Possessor of the Throne on high and of earth below!”

      Let him, then, bend down, with hands resting on the knees, and

Exalted art Thou above my praise and the praise of anyone beside me, above my description and the description of all who are in heaven and all who are on earth!

      Then, standing with open hands, palms upward toward the face,
      let him say: 

Disappoint not, O my God, him that hath, with beseeching fingers, clung to the hem of Thy mercy and Thy grace, O Thou Who of those who show mercy art the Most Merciful!

      Let him, then, be seated and say: 

I bear witness to Thy unity and Thy oneness, and that Thou art God, and that there is none other God beside Thee.  Thou hast, verily, revealed Thy Cause, fulfilled Thy Covenant, and opened wide the door of Thy grace to all that dwell in heaven and on earth.  Blessing and peace, salutation and glory, rest upon Thy loved ones, whom the changes and chances of the world have not deterred from turning unto Thee, and who have given their all, in the hope of obtaining that which is with Thee.  Thou art, in truth, the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Bountiful.

(If anyone choose to recite instead of the long verse these words:  “God testifieth that there is none other God but Him, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting,” it would be sufficient.  And likewise, it would suffice were he, while seated, to choose to recite these words: 

“I bear witness to Thy unity and Thy oneness, and that Thou
art God, and that there is none other God beside Thee.”)

Medium obligatory prayer, to be recited daily, in the morning, at noon,
and in the evening.

CLXXXIII:  “Whoso wisheth to recite this prayer, let...”

Whoso wisheth to recite this prayer, let him stand up and turn unto God, and, as he standeth in his place, let him gaze to the right and to the left, as if awaiting the mercy of his Lord, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate.  Then let him say: 

O Thou Who art the Lord of all names and the Maker of the heavens!  I beseech Thee by them Who are the Day-Springs of Thine invisible Essence, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious, to make of my prayer a fire that will burn away the veils which have shut me out from Thy beauty, and a light that will lead me unto the ocean of Thy Presence.

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