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Deal Thou, therefore, O my God, my Beloved, my supreme Desire, with Thy servants and with all that were created by Thee as would beseem Thy beauty and Thy greatness, and would be worthy of Thy generosity and gifts.  Thou art, in truth, He Whose mercy hath encompassed all the worlds, and Whose grace hath embraced all that dwell on earth and in heaven.  Who is there that hath cried after Thee, and whose prayer hath remained unanswered?  Where is he to be found who hath reached forth towards Thee, and whom Thou hast failed to approach?  Who is he that can claim to have fixed his gaze upon Thee, and toward whom the eye of Thy loving-kindness hath not been directed?  I bear witness that Thou hadst turned toward Thy servants ere they had turned toward Thee, and hadst remembered them ere they had remembered Thee.  All grace is Thine, O Thou in Whose hand is the kingdom of Divine gifts and the source of every irrevocable decree.

Send down, therefore, O my God, upon all that seek Thee that which will entirely strip them of all that pertaineth not unto Thee, and will draw them nigh unto Thy Self.  Assist them, by Thy grace, to love Thee and to conform unto that which shall please Thee.  Grant, then, that they may go straight on in the path of Thy Cause, the path wherein have slipped the footsteps of the doubters among Thy people and the froward among Thy servants.  Thou art, verily, the All-Powerful, the Almighty, the Most Great.

CLXII:  “Lauded and glorified art Thou, O my God!  I entreat...”

Lauded and glorified art Thou, O my God!  I entreat Thee by the sighing of Thy lovers and by the tears shed by them that long to behold Thee, not to withhold from me Thy tender mercies in Thy Day, nor to deprive me of the melodies of the Dove that extolleth Thy oneness before the light that shineth from Thy face.  I am the one who is in misery, O God!  Behold me cleaving fast to Thy Name, the All-Possessing.  I am the one who is sure to perish; behold me clinging to Thy Name, the Imperishable.  I implore Thee, therefore, by Thy Self, the Exalted, the Most High, not to abandon me unto mine own self and unto the desires of a corrupt inclination.  Hold Thou my hand with the hand of Thy power, and deliver me from the depths of my fancies and idle imaginings, and cleanse me of all that is abhorrent unto Thee.

Cause me, then, to turn wholly unto Thee, to put my whole trust in Thee, to seek Thee as my Refuge, and to flee unto Thy face.  Thou art, verily, He Who, through the power of His might, doeth whatsoever He desireth, and commandeth, through the potency of His will, whatsoever He chooseth.  None can withstand the operation of Thy decree; none can divert the course of Thine appointment.  Thou art, in truth, the Almighty, the All-Glorious, the Most Bountiful.

CLXIII:  “Lauded be Thy name, O Lord my God!  Thou seest...”

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